Monday, January 4, 2010

grace plus nothing...

that's the promise from our Father.
and that's what we talked about in church last sunday, the first sunday of the year 20ten.
comforting, huh?! i smile as i type this. i smile because i feel free.
it's God's grace plus NOTHING that assures me of life with Him.

20ten. i want to live well.

and so i smile as i dream of today, as i dream of tomorrow, as i dream of becoming a better wife to mr. leif, and as i dream of becoming a mother (who says i can't dream.......i'd like 4 kids, and pretty please give me at least one daughter. thank you. well 5 kids would be fun too).

so here's to 20ten.
here's to an amazing year of growth and change.
here's to my zealous passion to glorify His name.

may the way i live, be my witness.

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