Sunday, July 28, 2013

my little archer man, 4 months old

you're 4 months old.

i don't know how this is happening.

you're getting way too big, way too fast.

you're not a very good sleeper... like, at all.
but i promised you a couple days ago, that if you would stay this size forever, then i would accept sleepless nights forever.  yes, it would be worth it.
i want you on my hip foreva eva.
you'z the cutest accessory in all the land my little archer man.

the way you arch your eyebrows, heh, who know our archer, would have such bright eyes from arched brows.  seems about perfect.
YOU are perfect.

i kiss your cheeks, your belly, your hands, your legs and your piggies on an hourly basis.

your big brother is an identical twin to daddy,
but you? you have a look of your own.
we could say you have some of my features, but truly, you're just a cute little button all on your own.
oh archer, i'm madly in love with you.

maybe it's this whole second time around thing or something, but dang gina, you make us want thousands of babies (actually just one or maybe two more).  but really, you are a treasure to our family.

some stats for momma's memory
you're a chunker, weighing 17 pounds (5 days short of 4 months!)

you've taken me through the ringer with feeding you... but now, you are an exclusive breast feeder (hi high school archer!  hope this doesn't embarrass you!) but really, you couldn't make up your mind for a while, and now i can't get you to take a bottle (which hinders my social life, #momproblems)

you are rollin over!!  you don't mind your tummy either, just usin' those strong arms to hold your cute little head up!!!  but just slow down.  i don't want you to crawl anytime soon.  ok? ok!

you're a gnawing machine.  your fist, your little sophie giraffe, blankies, and any time i lean in to nibble your cheeks you try to eat me too.  the drool is pooling out these days, so you must be teething!  i'm thinking about getting you an amber necklace.  sometimes i try to be all hippie like, and then i go and eat a giant bowl of ice cream with hot fudge, and about 3 packs of fruit snacks and all hippie status goes out the window.

you squeal.  like screeching squeals.  and  you do it in delight.  and i am SO excited for you to start talking because i think you will be so cute and funny!  i love your squeals.  you have a great range, perhaps you have a career in singing my love? we shall see... we shall see  (your dad would be happy if you would just be on the line with your big bro. settttt HIKE!)

you also scream really high pitched when you are sad, errrr MAD.  you can get really mad.  and you refuse to eat and sleep and you just scream.  whoooooof!  it's a doozy 'round here when you let our your shrilling screaming cries.  but we still love you.  you're a rather cute screamer.

you've started grunting when you want your momma.  you see me, and you want me, so you grunt til you get me.  and i don't mind one bit.  i love to be grunted at :) HA!  but really, it's pretty unexplainable, the love i feel for you my sweet dear archer man.  you've stolen my heart.

i'll love you forever

your momma :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

our kansas city june.

we spent about one week of june in kansas city.
we came home from the wedding, hung out for a week, and then took off for nebraska!
but it was a full week.
and thus, it shall be documented :)

. . .

archer spent the week getting cuter,
and roman spent the week becoming more funny.

archer perfected the brother punch,

and romes went to the dentist for the first time!

gpa don came to visit and went to daddy's softball game with us,

romes spent the whole game adventuring with his buddy jairus.

gpa don read bed time stories to romes,

and daddy came home from work and mommy thought, dang, he's cute.

mommy took millions of pictures of archer man.
no really, 
i have uncontrollable snap syndrome
 i can't help it!
 he's just so yummy.
and he also looks kind of like a baby bird.
chirp chirp little archer.

naked baby!

and eeeeeeeeek!!!!  
he started scooting off his little play mat!

we spent the week snuggling and catching up on sleep from the wedding week

and romes stepped out in style to make his daddy's father's day gift

my little picasso strikes again.
our traditional daddy day canvas, by romy joe.

it was a crazy busy week full of laundry and re organization of the house and trying to get back on schedule with our lives . . . and then packing and preparing to spend 3 weeks in nebraska.

kansas city june, you were a crazy one!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

uncle kyle got married

the first week of june had us hoppin' on a plane... and a shuttle bus, and a rental car, 
and arriving in Minnesota for uncle kyle's wedding.

in typical lindsey fashion, i was trying to pack the night before and it was a mad house up in here.
this whole pack for a family vaca thing is crazy.
if i was rich i'd say i'll just buy anything we need once we get there. 
but i'm not.
and when you have little kids, there's all these things you have to pack for "just in case".
but we did it!  all packed up and headed to the airport!
 we arrived at the airport in the nick of time.
other than archer's huge blow out on the shuttle bus from car to air port, which required a dipe change right in the middle of the airport (hello, i'mthatmom) we were there and checked in, smooth sailing.
i mean, other than the fact that we used his extra set of clothes before the trip even began. 
(pun intended)
 {baby sitting awkwardly in the ergo.  he was screaming unless i held him like that.  oh joy.}

romes was in heaven.
literally labeling everything in sight.
dude has a page in one of his books that labels everything you might see at an airport.
and that page (along with all the others... no joke... we're talking like forest pages with log feller bunchers) is memorized.  so i got to here all about luggage carts and conveyer belts.  yay.

 {romes wanted more chips.  we fed him all sorts of junk food this day.  
i mean, you do what you gotta do}

 {oh hi! we're all on a plane!  here we go!!!!! help help help help}
no actually, they flew great!

and then we got to minneapolis.
and we drove around the city for 45 min trying to find a noodles and company because daddy told roman he could have mac and cheese and the first noodles and company we found was in the mall of america and we weren't gonna do that.
so we drove around. forever.
and then archer was screaming.
and then i was so stressed i couldn't feed the baby.
and then i freaked out because oh no, i couldn't feed the baby.
and then we found a noodles and company.
and all was good.
it's amazing what a little mac n cheese can do for a boy.
(and a momma!)

other than that little hiccup, we made it smooth sailing.
and look at this place!

i learned quickly that arch was not havin the ergo.
so i busted out the solly baby wrap.
and suddenly my little 2 month old looked HUGE in that wrap.
oh, but it worked wonders.
nothin like being hands free.
and having a large growth on your belly.
but what a cute little growth he was :)

romes ran wild and free the whole time we were there.

actually, i'm not kidding.
this blur below is basically us, chasing our kid, so he wouldn't fall into the lake.
but he loved it.
and a happy boy makes for some happy parents.
oh, and he kept piling up the fire wood.
always working, that romes.
 he loved being at 
"the camp" and "the lake"

and every morning he would wake up and ask if we could go to the camp and the lake again.
he loved every single moment of being there.
not to mention he was with his uncles and gma and gpa!!

and then the day arrived.
and archer was a show stoppa.

and hey hey hey, who's this little stud?
romes with da bow tie. 
eeeeek i die.

 momma and baby archer

 uncle cam, daddy, uncle kyle, uncle colton

 our new aunt bayley, the beautiful bride!!!!

really, she was STUNNING.
the whole wedding week was perfect!

and even though archer screamed the entire 2.5 ride back to the airport, the whole way through the airport, and onto the plane... we eventually settled in on our flight home :)

romes passed out. 

arch man was happy.

and momma was swamped with laundry.

like dude, i had to pre spot his whole shirt.