Wednesday, March 31, 2010

oh jj heller, you did it again

i thought this song is quite perfect for our week.....being it the celebration of easter and all......its hard, in the hustle and bustle of life, to focus throughout the week on true listen in as jj heller once again melts my heart :) He is all we need......

ps. weirdo youtube video, its the only one i could find

remember pause the music player on the side :)

she says it best :)

.......there's no need to fear .......goodness and mercy are following me ......your blood that covers me are all that I need

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i probably need to have.......

...........a baby girl. cuz then i'd decorate just like these totally FAB rooms:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

a tribute to.... family.
...amanda, well, all of the gowen's.

i would give ANYTHING (i think) to get my hands on an old acappella cd, or heck, even a you get rid of those??

oh the memories of these concerts, we spent many novembers driving to hastings, some of the best birthdays i ever had, hahahahhaha........... give me water from the well, baby.

QUICK DISCLOSURE - if you are not my family, deanna, tara, or may not wanna listen to all of these, because they will probably seem dorky and/or annoying, hehehehehehe. but i just couldn't resist. these were some of THE best childhood concerts. EVER. amen.


and thank you mom and dad........for making using the LORD (and his music) in such a HUGE part of our growing up years. i hope mr. leif and i will be toting our kids to every christian concert we can find too :) i have awesome parents, ey?!?!?!?! hey - music is ministry - it was POWERFUL in our family, heck............. amanda, wouldn't you say it was powerful on clay street!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

bugs are my.....


it's quite obvious.
  • we have an exterminator come 4 times a year to spray.
  • if i find a spider, i blast it with hair spray until it stops moving, so mr leif can get it when he gets home.
  • we have bug sticky traps in random places of our house

however, this week, i had an encounter with a different kind of bug.

the sick bug.

{morning sickness? i don't know}

on two different occasions, my big sis and my mom had to hold my hair,

my mom had to pull over the car, and if you can't figure out what i was doing yet.......i'll give you one more clue: i had the best ab workout i have had since i ran track at doane.


my dad drove me back to KC yesterday, it was SO nice of him. i had to get home somehow and my sissy and her babe were off to the airport with my mom. it's nice to be back in KC since mr. leif is home for the weekend :) and since i think i am starting to feel better.

today i am going to try to eat again. not sure what i'll eat, but for some reason i suddenly craved wedding cake in bed last night and then i had a dream about these giant ice cream cones that were made of both cake and ice cream. kind of like an ice cream cake, but intstead, an ice cream cake cone. oh, and i also had a dream about one of my bestie boo's having something really really amazing happen :) but we'll see if my predictions were right.........hopefully soon.

ok. off to go try and eat.

you think i can order myself a cake from hyvee?!?!? i could have them write "happy your spring break is OVER" or "happy it's SNOWING on your last 2 days of spring break" or "happy many hours of homework that is waiting you"........... noooooo, no no no. those are too negative. how about just "happy saturday. eat up!"

thanks for all your help dad...........the entertainment center is lookin fab!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


.......her cheekies. it's what i've been doin since last friday.
it's what i'll continue to do until this friday. yep.
for a whole week,
i'll be smooching her. i'm lovin up being back in nebraska. and i'm here for 3 more days. yay :)

today my lil sissy painted bumble bees on my bright red toenails. i think my feet look cute now......even though one time in highschool, in mr hanger's class, a girl in my class told me i had the most ugliest feet ever. come on.......who does that? make fun of someone's feet? i guess at least she wasn't making fun of my nose...... i mean, at least i can cover my feet. but really....... i don't even think my feet are ugly. especially with bumble bees on my toes.

i know mr. leif will be excited to see them. buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

poppin' a werthers....

....about every 3 minutes...... ALL. DAY. LONG.

i am addicted to these things!?!?!?
why did i buy a whole bag!?!?!?

sorry for the shaky video.......i musta been on a sugar high!?!?!?

**push pause on my music player**

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

workin for the.....

weeeeeeeeeeekend. its what i do.

but. about 8 weeks or so now.........
and my mr. will be home.........
and never never never, he says, will we be apart this long again........
i. can't. wait.
this weekend was good.
because it was warm.
because we hung out with good friends :) and i had mac and cheese and french fries on a lunch tray. and these friends make us smile.
because we went to visit our other friends..........its her birthday week :)
because mr. leif grilled. and i had a juicy cheeseburger with ketchup and pickle. and then i burped up the burger for the next 3.6 hours. but that's ok.
because me and my mr. made a fruit pizza.
because we ate it straight out of the pan. because we can. and to keep up with this rhyming, i wish i was tan.
because mr. leif hammered away on his nesting list.
because i ate fruit pizza while i watched him work and i laughed at him. a lot. because he had 2 cups of coffee and was wirrrrrrrrrrrrred. he is so funny when he gets like that.

because he was so happy. happy to be home with me. and that makes me happy. and he thinks my belly is growing. i can't tell..........other then the fact that i have to unbutton my pants about mid-day..........but that happens even afer a good night out at mccormick and scmick's.

ps. friday we have our next dr. appt....YAY. and friday after the doc we drive home.....YAY. and next week i am home all week with my sissy, and gingiepoo, and my family.......YAY. and next week i will eat all of my mom's good food........YAY.

Monday, March 1, 2010

back to the dr. today.....

.......for another ultrasound!

when we left the dr. last week, it was mostly good news - seeing a heartbeat, but they still had some concerns, so they asked us to come back in a week (today).

mr. leif had to head back to st. louis early this morning, so my momma came down from NE on saturday to go with me for another ultrasound.

everything was great!

the heartbeat was pumpin away, and baby leif definitely grew within a week's time!
now........according to my website research (so reliable, ey?) baby leif is the size of a blueberry.
so. below, i pose with baby blueberry. well......... fake baby blueberry that is.

oh this little blueberry better have a sweet tooth like has been a yummy day in the field of my food consumption. and................. my tastebuds are jumpin right off of my tongue because i have already decided that on my way to night class i will get mac and cheese from noodles and company. have you had it? total deliciousness. you must try it. must. must. must.

alright, i'm off to go skype with my professor. (how LAME, i know). but since i missed class a couple wednesdays ago because of parent teacher conferences i have to make it up via skype. holy cow.........i can't WAIT for this semester to be o.v.e.r. leif is workin his tail off..........he might be home end of april/real early may, if they don't get too much rain. he tells me he will work 12 hour days from here on out just to get back. i love him :) praying readers: please pray for NO rain south of st. louis, because the less rain the more landscaping at his appartments. and the sooner he is home :)

thanks momma for a wonderful weekend. thanks for dragging the giant tree branch off our front yard. and thanks for the cheese pizza. and thanks for watching that weird bomb movie with us. and thanks for trying to make me try on that nasty green shirt, i should have listened to you. and thanks for the purple gatorade. and the carrots.