Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it must be a cultural thing...

...because every hispanic mom at my school rubs my belly.

but contrary to this cartoon....

...i actually don't mind.

3 reasons why i don't mind:
  1. while they rub my belly, they are ooooohing and ahhhhhing, with giant smiles, saying "oh beautiful baby, you're first one?" .........and saying, "ohhhhh such a blessing, a baby" ...........and those that can't speak english show their love for babies with their eyes - because as they pat the belly, they look at me with the biggest smile they can create. it really is precious. and you know what? i don't mind it. because they truly have an appreciation for babies and pregnancy in general :)
  2. i can't really mind them touching me - i'm the school counselor, and it would be 'out of character' for me to give them a snooty look, or brush their hand away. if i want them to trust me, to appreciate me, and to come to me for support with their children, then i need to show that i can accept them. if rubbing my belly is what they 'do' then i'll let them 'do it' :)
  3. it actually feels comforting. I KNOW, crazy, right?!?!? many pregnant women are completely disgusted by others touching their belly. and i respect that. but for ME....the gentle touch is strangely comforting and soothing. so, rub away mommas.......rub away :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

i think this whole blog world...

...is making moms happier and healthier.

you might be thinking........you're not even really a mom yet, so why are you making such a statement, lindsey?

well. something i've noticed in the 'blogworld' is that people tend to open up and share their day, whether its through pictures, words, videos, or all three together :) but regardless, they are sharing. and the most important part is that they are sharing the good and the bad. one post might be a 'hallelujah, we just had a fabulous family vaca.....' and then the next one is more of a 'holy cow, our schedules are a mess, i'm never taking a family vaca again, there's too much laundry and we are all now sleep deprived.......' you get the idea? regardless...... if its about family vaca's, issues in the kitchen, struggling with body image, etc...... again - my point is that women are opening up, more than ever. and its great.

prior to the blog world, the phone might have been picked up to quickly phone a friend, so we could hash out our day - to vent to one another. but NOW we can blog about it......... and instead of just the one person on the other end of the phone saying, 'i'm sorry'......... 'im praying'.......... 'here's what i've tried'........now, you get many.

now, no one likes to read a blog that is all about struggling, negativity, and barely surviving ALL of the time......... but go on, admit it, when you read of someone else struggling, or someone else wondering how to handle a certain situation, or someone else finally having success in an area you are about to throw the towel in........that you GET ENCOURAGED??!!
i do :)

and i think the best part of blogging helping women to be emotionally healthy, is when you get the chance to comment on someone's thoughts. to let them know you are praying, you are proud, those comments solidify their hesitations in sharing their struggles.

so i'm excited.
i'm excited to continue blogging into this treck of motherhood that i'm about to embark on. and y'all know i don't have a problem with sharing the good, bad, and the ugly..........so buckle up. i'm assuming this blog will take a bit of a rollercoaster ride, just as my hormones will be :)
but that's ok.

as those who blog know, when you write....ehem, type, its sort of theraputic. and when you read of others in your same situation, its comforting. and while at times you are hesitant to share something with the blog world, there is always a comment to help assure you - someone is praying. someone understands. or perhaps someone even might have advice........

as i reflect back on this past year, having my mr leif gone from august through april, getting pregnant, and now preparing for a baby.......i realize the comfort and support i've received through blogging. weird for some to understand. but start a blog, and you'll get it:)

cheers to blogging.
and cheers to women, being able to open up.
and cheers to friendships being created, Godly friendships, friendships that have allowed you to find yourself often praying for someone you haven't 'actually even met' yet :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

i had a sweaty upper lip...

...today at our church picnic.


really though, i was trying to be all lady-like in my nice church clothes........but when it came time for our picnic, OUTSIDE, i definitely coulda used a hanky.
a hanky?
oh, you don't know what that is?
that's what my dad used to call a handkerchief. i probably didn't spell that correctly.

seriously. i needed a sweat rag.

please oh please oh pleeeeeease Lord, send me some cooler weather :)

i don't need anything too extreme though.........
remember THIS post?!?

yeah...save those icicles til i'm home....snug in the house, with the babe, on maternity leave :)

i need to go guzzle some water.
or, eat a popsicle?
or, heck.........maybe i should just snarf down some tcby - that's seemed to do the trick all summer long :)

holy hot momma. and i'm talking temperature here people.

mr leif referred to my ponytail as a 'mane' today.........think its time for a trim?
but my hairstylist lives in california.
so i suppose i'll wait until she comes for the birth of the babe......to get my 'mane' trimmed up :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

my 32 week photo shoot...

... in the bathroom at school

so, i really don't even want to admit to taking pictures of myself. while being cheesy. in the bathroom at work. and then messing around on a photo editor to make this little photo art thing below. yep. im that lame.

but nonetheless.........
i did. no judging.
and at 32 weeks:
  • heartburn has totally lightened up. which has a pro and con. pro - im not waking up in tears feeling like someone is forcing me to swallow flames. con - i was sort of excited about the so called 'your baby will have lots of hair if you have heartburn' thing. i kinda want babyleif to have a head of hair - things were lookin good with the heartburn rampage........however - im pretty sure he'll be a baldy, i haven't needed tums in a week.
  • i got a body pillow. FINALLY. thursday after work i went to target and got some aqua long pillow labeled 'body pillow.' it was ten bucks. and the sheet for it was also ten bucks. so i said forget the sheet. i'll put a regular pillow sheet on one end and another reg pillow sheet on the other end..........and wallah! it works. so last night i slept fab. today i took a nap and slept fab. i'm lovin the aqua blob. i just hope mr leif doesnt feel like me and my pillows are takin over our rather small queen bed :)
  • im lovin my new doctor...........we made a switch about 4 weeks ago - and its been great. my next appointment is monday!!! and..........at our 30 week apt, she said i was measuring at 32 weeks - so if i continue to measure ahead, i might get another ultrasound - and i'd totally love to peek at the babe again, and i'd totally love to have him early (a safe early) yep - im prayin on monday she says im measuring at least 33 weeks - come onnnnnnnnnnn early arrival!!!
  • no permanent swelling yet. and i say permanent, because the other day my ring seemed AWFULLY tight, like couldn't get it off my finger - but now, as i type i can successfully pull it off - this is good.
  • no stretch marks yet. hallelujah. not that i don't still have 8 weeks to go.......but im thankful for their lack of existence so far. a girl who is due the same day as me, from my childbirth class, has had them poppin up for the last 3 weeks :(
  • and...........mr leif would probably tell me to add that i'm a bit needy to this list. so ok, i'll admit it: my rather strong self has become quite weak. but good news is - mr leif is on a fishing trip with his buddies this weekend and so he'll come back rejuvinated and ready to make me breakfast, at least 3 days a week. hahahahah totally kidding..........well kinda.........
  • the babe has now reached black belt status in my belly. kick, punch, hiiiiiii-yah! i'll try to capture it on video for you - its freaky, sometimes i think he is seriously going to bust right out of my belly.

alright. i must go. its after midnight. to bed.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

random pictures...

...from my cellphone.
because i didn't have anything else to write about.
and i was going through my phone this morning.
and thought i'd share.
so there.

some of my plants, pre-100+ weather. all nice a green. i'm pretty proud. because everything grew back from last year. i was a tad nervous everything would have died off. yay for perennials.

trying to get my new office set up. i'll give you a tour sometime.

on my way to a steamy lunch date with mr. leif earlier this summer. he let me pick him up from work :)

nieceypoo. playing in my living room.

pickin my sis and the babe up from the airport mid-july. wouldn't you like to greet something that cute?!?!? even though it was midnight, she met me with the cheeziest smile. i miss her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ok......this is it!

i've found my dream job.

most of you know, this changes on a monthly basis.
and mr leif - you shush.
you are probably thinking, "um, how about a weekly basis?" -while rolling your eyes!
(of course he is saying and doing those things out of love for me, his ever-so-can't-make-her-mind-up with what she wants to do-wife)

side note - im hoping that bearing babies will consume my crazy job-hopping desires.
we'll find out soon!
soon, as in 8 weeks :)

but yeah.........so the job, the "THIS IS IT JOB".
i'm going to open my own consignment shop.

y'all know how much i LOVE searching for fabulous deals as consignment shops -
the shoes for babyleif in these photos: they were originally from babygap.
i got them from children's orchard for $2. actually grammy linda bought them. thanks grammy!
now you could be thinking - well why are you going to open a consignment store if childrens orchard already exists?
well. its crowded. unorganized. and not very cute, AT ALL.
what i'm picturing is down below.
i'm gonna replicate this place.
a most radical consignment shop for childrens clothes - cute ones.
and i'll have a section for mommas too.
behold, from richmond, virginia:

ok, i can just see myself sitting behind this totally fabulous desk. welcoming my shoppers :)

and. my plan is that i'll only work part time.

cuz i'll be home with raising babes.

but maybe mr leif could build a little nursery/playroom on the back of my shop so when i am there - the kids can come too.

it would be kid friendly for my shoppers :)

ps. one problem.............anyone out there want to donate the $$ to get me goin? i suppose i could start it out of my garage and then move into a shop when business gets boomin. hahahaha.......

(liza - how bout that salon you'll open - i can be on the other side! just think childcare for your clients!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

now that its finally....

....below 100 degrees outside, lets talk body image.

no but really. did you know it was in the 100s for a week here?!?!? that means heat index of 110's+ people. thats hot. and really hot if you're pregnant.

and actually, the whole temp thing has nothing to do with body image.
just thought i'd through the two together in a catchy little line.
you know, cuz im clever like that. ow ow.

ok, so if you've been reading this blog, you know that i am like most women out there. how? well......sometimes when i look in the mirror i don't like what i see.
i know, i know. it sounds very vain and conceited. but im quite honest, so i dont mind sharing that its something i struggle with.

then. getting pregnant. yikes. that through me in a whole new realm of 'whoa my body is changing and im not sure how to handle this' emotions.
you see,
when you're pregnant. it takes a bit, or at least it did for me, for your baby belly to actually show/be cute. so at first you grow a massive chest, your butt busts out of the seems, and maybe even your thighs too. then about 2 months later your belly begins to grow. phewwww.
until your belly is bursting, you just feel big and uncomfortable and awkward, really....you continue to feel like that throughout the whole pregnancy. the belly helps. almost 98% actually. but there is still a little part of you that slightly dislikes the other large areas on your body...

those around you might not even notice these changes. but you do.

and, if you're like me, you tried to weigh yourself on a regular basis through most of your pregnancy.
seeing the scale just grow and grow, and having no real baby belly to show for it yet is a strange and difficult thing to get used to. and completely ridiculously pointless :)

but God is Good.....and clearly - he didn't want me to live like this. and He's given me the strength to slowly be happy with my image and weight - and even though you're thinking, "you're pregnant lindsey, you're supposed to get bigger" its still hard to accept.

and now, things are good. really....i'm excited to accept the challenge of continuing this quest to be scale-free, checkoutmybutt in the mirror-free, and to have positive thoughts about the body GOD gave me post-pregnancy. i couldn't have come as far as i have alone - i had help from HIM :) and hopefully He knows to give me a turbo burst of help during my post-baby body phase.

some tidbits to my new found freedom:

  • mr leif hid my scale. for real. i don't know where it is, and i haven't tried to look for it. but its the best thing thats happened to me. its like i don't have to answer to this little white square that gives me number i usually don't like. and even if you do like it.......you get suckered into thinking, hmmmm maybe it'll go lower. no scale for me. its freeing. so if you have the scale syndrome. get rid of it. just try it. its fab.
  • also, i used to do the whole stand backwards in front of the mirror and spin your head/neck around to check out your own butt......and then freak out and its massive growth spurts. but. now. i rarely do the wrap around check. and its great. just say no when you walk by the mirror. just try it. its fab.
  • surround yourself with colossions 3:2 friends. and thsoe who are emotionally and supportive healthy people. people that don't talk constantly about body stuff. people that are just genuinely FUN and CrAZY and LIGHTHEARTED. people that will go get ice cream with you, daily (thanks mr leif) but really. i've noticed the company i keep has a REAL impression on what consumes my mind. and it AINT good to be vain and conceited and worry about how we look 24/7. do you have a colossians 3:2 friend? if you don't, find one. find 5. the time you spend with others has such an impression on you. oh. and make sure YOU are a colossions 3:2 friend to others. just try it. its fab.


colossions 3:2 - Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

and i better throw this one in there - cuz it goes hand in hand:

romans 11:36 - For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen. cuz its not about us. its about HIM.

and have you heard the 'to you be the glory song'? well. pause my music player and check it out. every time we sing it in church i get all emotional. its a good one.

ok. im off to church.

hope we sing the glory song :)

havin a brewsky...

...because its NA, silly.

can you see that HOTT bride in the background?
that's colette :)

mr leif and i were at their house about a week ago for some din din and hangout time...........and she gave me a buckler.
it was yummy.
i felt a bit naughty drinkin a beer. pregs and all.........but it was a fun naughty.
and i had another one last night.
we had a grill night at our house :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

we went to a wedding...

...and had a blast.

check out these hot babes :)

yep, that would be bestie carrie and bestie sam.
they are lovely ladies. and they liked my lovely lady lump (aka babyleif)
and everytime im with them, i don't wanna leave.
but thats ok :)
it makes our time together THAT much more special.
carrie's gettin hitched next june.
i forgot to mention that here
and pps.
sam's the one who couldn't find homegoods :)
and she had a garmin.
and i can laugh at her, because she knows i love her :)

and then there's the man of my dreams....

ya know what? mr leif asked me to dance at the reception.
i think that's the first time in our relationship history that he's asked me to dance, and not vice versa........and for those of you who know us best.....you know i'm the one who likes to shake it on the dance flo, and mr leif would prefer to sit back and watch me shake it.
and we danced to two songs.
and i could have danced to 3,789,302 more songs with him.
even in my wedges.

just to clear up any confusion or defend myself from copyright nazi's out there, i didn't do anything illegal by posting these pics, even though there's a giant X through the middle of them.......they give you the link to embed them :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

its a date....

...a date night.
and its budget friendly.
and its helping me learn how to like coffee.
because i don't like coffee.
but lots of my mommy friends are telling me i must learn to love it.
that i will need it.
so im easing myself in.
im liking white chocolate mocha stuff......
i don't even wanna know if there are tons of calories or whatever.
im not skilled enough to order the 'healthy' version yet.
i don't quite know what to tell the coffee dude.
so i just straight shoot off the menu.
and ya know what?
im kinda liking this whole coffee thing.
for the first time in well 25 years - it doesnt taste bitter or yucky.
and then there's the him.
mr leif is the perfect date.
we talk.
and sip our coffee, like we are cool.
and we dream.
and there is nothing to distract us. no computers, no laundry, no housework, no yard.
except one phone call from a lost friend trying to get to homegoods
(hahahaha - she knows im kidding)
and we soak each other up
and dream some more
and pretend the world has stopped.
and its the best date.
and we are practicing these cheap, quick dates.
because we know when the babe comes, we still need them. weekly.
and we'd like to have date night about 4 or 5 times a week.
but really. its just once a week.
and its our favorite night ever.
good work starbucks.
we like your comfy chairs.
and we like havin a date with you.
so do you?
do you set aside time for just your husband?
and talk and dream and smile and give googly eyes?
because you should.
its like medicine.
goooooooooood medicine.

Monday, August 2, 2010

here are 3 things...

.....that are making me dislike 'budget mania at the leif's':

a ppb bag.
now, my first inclination was to be a tad ashamed to want such an expensive bag.
BUT, i've since justified it, no worries :)
i mean, come on. most of you know it was a bit difficult accepting that i wouldn't be buying leggings, headbands, nailpolish, dresses, and other sweet girl gettup for future babyleif.
though.........i've come a long way, and am now quite pumped to dress my little bambino. and i laugh at the thought of wanting a girl, when i'm now in total boy mode. and wouldn't want it any other way :)
however, i've justified this bag, because its the one girly baby-related thing i can do/have while raising a boy.
at least in my opinion.
so. a cute diaper bag is a must.
just dont know which one.
i kinda like both.

thanks molly for turning me to these sweet kicks with your fbook photo.
clearly i was WAY out of the loop.
i haven't been to a 'regular store' in at least 8 months, probably more like 10, i think the last time i went shopping was before christmas. just maternity for this girl.
and although i'd heard about TOMs on an ad, i didn't realize they were actually the
'cool shoe to buy'
and props to them - they give a pair of shoes to a needy child, every time you purchase one for yourself
and double props. they are comfy. or so im told.
so i think i 'need' a pair of these.
just don't know which color.
i kinda like all three
a cute camera strap.
totally doesn't hold up to the above two items, in terms of priority on the buy list.
but i stumbled upon this sight (click the photo or source below) with oodles of fabulous fabric.
and sudenly,
i dreamed of carrying around my camera (that i don't know how to use) with one of these savy straps.
mr leif, now that you have admitted to actually reading this blog daily.
(yep folks, he finally jumped on the bandwagon)
and now that you've veiwed these 3 items.
please know that the bag and shoes are needs.
the cam strap is a want.
and if you see a fairly large purchase coming through in the next couple weeks.
its because i couldn't resist.
and i busted through our budget brick wall on spending.
i promise i'll try not to.
i'll just stick to dreaming, for real.

we've got naked ladies...

...in our backyard.

a couple days ago said to mr leif, "hey we have a ton of naked ladies in our yard!!!"
and then i laughed
and followed it up with, "oh i bet that's JUST what you wanted to hear!!!"

now to ease your anticipation..........

these are naked ladies.
long stems. beautiful pink puffys up top!
and each year at the end of summer.........
when its so miserably hot out that i don't even wanna water the flowers/plants..........
and everything has stopped blooming........
these beauties sprout up outta no where.
for real. you don't even know they exist pre-boom. its just a blank space in the ground and then the next day, BAM, BAM BAMBAM!!! they are sprouttin up and FAST!!!! i love it. its such a GREAT supprise.

oh LORD how beautiful is your handwork.
and thanks for making them sprout in the ugliest part of our yard. the part that is FULL of weeds and the part that we haven't the time/money to try and maintain yet. thank you for adding beauty to that spot :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

my man shares...

....body wash with me.

yours might too.......but is it citrus? like really orangey/tangy/citrusy?

oh im all smiles as i type.

so mr. leif and i are like nose deep in becoming OBSESSED with budgeting.

apart from making it our idol, something we've discussed we need to be very careful NOT to do, we literally are finding FUN and ENJOYMENT in the challenge of trying to SAVE in any way we can.

nothin is gettin ordered off of menus
nothin swaggeriffic is being added to our closets
nothin fancy is goin into my jewelry box (which is actually a pink tackle box)
nothin crazy/outta this world/expensive is consuming our weekends, or evenings
nothin is being planned for us to go travel to or do

and we are LOVIN it.

i'm sure the newness will wear off.
but for now.
we are totally on the budget bandwaggon.

so the body wash? well..........we were mingling through costco gettin massive amounts of kirkland TP, and we decided to check out their body wash.
we picked up a pack of 2 massive citrus body washes.
and just to verify after we popped the pop and gave'r a sniffy........
i said

"are you SURE you are ok with using THAT as your soap in the shower?"

and he said

"i'm pretty sure im ok with my manhood enough, to use that body wash, no worries there"

and i laughed
yes mr leif, you are all 'man'.

so cheers to kickin our student loans in the FACE. (wow, a bit aggressive.......)
and cheers to gettin closer to livin off mr leif's income alone.
and cheers to me bein a momma. JUST a momma. well, and a wife too.
and cheers to our awesome attitudes through all of this.
God is definitely giving us the grace to attack this budget craziness.
a year ago, i would have never been up for this 'new way of life'.........
His grace abounds. and its so great to have THAT to rely on!
she makes me smile. and im a tad obsessed with her. cant help it.