Monday, September 28, 2009

busy as a bee...buzzzzzzzzzzzz

a nice night in - friday:
oh the weekends. i soooooo look forward to them! from monday morning, it's pretty much a countdown until mr. leif pulls into the driveway friday night. this weekend, he didn't get home until even though i typically possess the thought of 'we must go out on a friday night', we stayed in and it was nice :) you see, we usually hit up the salty iguana for some oh-so-delicious mexican food . but we had a nice night in. i had ice cream with a side of m & m's and mr. leif had taco bell. yum. - saturday:
on saturday night mr. leif and i went down to the plaza to watch the huskers dominate :) the 810 zone has a tv to human ratio of about 3:1.... jk, but really, it might be 1:1!! so mr. leif was in his own little mini-heaven, and i got to people watch, yay :)
at a glorious church service, I found a new excitement in Micah 6:8
"He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."
i am going to paint that verse on a big piece of plywood and then hang it behind my couch. mr. leif already bought me the wood, i just need the paint, and waalaa. hopefully my vision is fufilled with this little crafty, if so, i will post pics :)

and then after church, we made a return to the plaza.....

but.... this time...

we went to walk around and enjoy all the artsy-ness :)

and of course, we ended it with some spin dip from brio. delish. absolute delish........ahhhhh and my closest friends will appreciate this one: i stuffed my pockets full of brio mints. can't help it. its my trademark.

oh yeah, i did a little decorating too...i got a rad shelf from craigslist that stand in the corner, and holds my cute little plates.
and, i finally have my table looking how i want it. for now. one can never quite have her mind made up now can she???!!
don't forget........!!!!!!
Micah 6:8
act justly. love mercy. walk humbly with your God.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

granola...with a side of flowers

This Guy...
yes...that guy. he's mr. leif.
he sent me flowers at work this week. now typically, flowers come with a candy bar, or something equally delightful and unhealthy :) but with my beautiful bouquet of fresh fall-colored flowers came a bag of granola. isn't he the best. but the real reason i got granola? (other then the fact that he knows i am trying to eat healthy and if it was a candy bar i would have snarffed it down in 2.3 seconds) well...the real reason i got granola is even more amazing. the day before, i had spilled my bag of granola all over the floor in the teacher's lounge. isn't he a sweet one, replacing my scrumptious snack by having hy-vee deliver me new granola, with a side of flowers :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two Fish...not currently in the same pond

welcome :)

i am so delighted to begin this blog...and even more excited that my first post is a piece of lovely news.

as many of my 'soon to be readers' already know, mr. leif is working just south of st. louis from july until may. so yes, as my title to this post reads, we are two fish not currently living in the same pond. this has been a strange experience. 2 months have gone by, and typically when someone asks how i'm doing, i say "fine", "great", or "not too bad". but...last sunday i had a mini break down, just a few tears. amongst the shedding of tears, i said a few words to mr."can you look for a new job", "i can't do this any more", "i am tired of being tough". sadly, those comments were disrespectful and dishonoring to him as my husband and our family provider. BUT as i noted earlier, i have lovely news...............

on sunday night, mr. leif and i were invited to an evening, with friends from church, all about this great ministry. while i listened to the wisdom of older, married couples, i realized God has taken mr. leif from me, for just a short time, for a reason. yes, God has put mr. leif in st. louis because i need to work on something. that something is my personal relationship with Him... let me leif and i tend to share our experiences in church, devotions, etc... and i do believe God is allowing this time away from mr. leif, so that i will rely on Him for my comfort, support, and peace, and not just turn to mr. leif for those needs.

this is why my post is lovely, because i have a new outlook on the next 8 months of being in a different pond then mr. leif.

........but boy oh boy, i cannot wait until he finally swims home to be 2 fish in 1 pond again, that will be lovely!!