Saturday, February 20, 2010

he's a good guy.

while i was at the women's retreat {for church}, mr leif was at the store.
i mean, not the whole time, but he did stop there for a bit, to get me some stuff :)
i came home to individualized packages of animal crackers. for my lunches. 
so i can pop them in my mouth throughout the day.  as soon as i stop eating, i feel sick. erg.

clementines. because their citrus goodness somehow does wonders for my tummy. 

cheddar sun chips. i like crunchy stuff.

and then mr. leif showed me his own 'nesting list'. see? look close, that is what he called it :) i guess he has all sorts of projects he has planned to do before the baby comes. ha.
although i didn't think nesting stuff happened until way later in the pregnancy, he is in full nest force.

ok, are you laughing out loud? its ok, you can. i think this is funnier then ever. but it is SO sweet.
mr. leif can nest away. looks like im getting a custom built entertainment center and new countertops out of the deal?

but back to the clementines and crackers.
my sweet sissy had a hand in this. she knew i have not been eating because i feel like puking just walking into my kitchen. so she called him while i was at the women's retreat. and gave him some advice.
so thankful for my big sis.
so thankful for my husband.


  1. So excited for you and thankful that you have such a caring husband. Love reading your blog and am sooooo proud to call you my daughter, I truly am blessed!!!!! You will make a wonderful mommy!!

  2. You and Casey are quite the couple!!!! God Bless You both, for ever and ever!!! How sweet that Liza whispered in his ear about getting you some snacks....I knew he had it in him!!! He has always been that kind of he gets to show it!!! That is so awesome!!! We are all so excited for the three of you. Cam did a fist pump in the back seat of the car when i told him things were going better with the pregnancy. I guess we will just have a fist pumping baby!!!!! yay!!!
    I think your mom and I need to plan another trip to KC....SOON!!!!!

  3. What a great bunch of posts! For such a wonderfully exciting time for you guys :) Looking forward to all that is to come.