Friday, October 1, 2010

it's nice to know HE's got us HIS hands :)
we are his sheep. he is our shepherd.
( of those sheep really only has 3 legs....what a cute little thing though....)

we are not alone. we are not walking on this path of life by ourselves.

sometimes, we walk through life, with a mask on, pretending everything's ok.
you know what? it IS - because HE is in control and HE gives us the grace we need....
but sometimes we pretend to understand that, and we really don't.
however. when we do. we can take our mask off and be real :)
go with the punches, and still carry on. and most of the time with a smile :)
and just when we feel like things are crashing in.
just when we feel so small.
we can accept, that YES, i am small.
compared to HIM.
and what HE can do for me.
so then we surrender.
and we turn it over to HIM.
feeling the peace that passes all understanding.
i'm praying you can turn over your worries to HIM.
today, i have. and it feels great. and it takes a while to agree to surrender. but when you do. you are filled with peace. and excitement. and for some reason a completely restless right leg that won't stop bouncing up and down.........or maybe that last thing is just a personal issue. either way. it feels GOOD.
...and then tomorrow? i'll worry about tomorrow when my alarm goes off in the morning.........oh WAIT! tomorrow's saturday.......i'll worry about tomorrow after i'm done trying to sleep in :)
matthew 11:28
then Jesus said, "come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.


  1. so great. love this. love that picture of the sheep in the hand. so comforting and a great reminder. oh the sweet feeling of surrender

  2. you are a really good writer!

  3. Thanks for this (and you are the cutest pregnant lady ever)!

  4. Hi Lindsey,
    I just wanted to say that I love your blog and I am a new follower- that's all!
    <3 Cara