Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my baby is here. part one.

oh its so nice to be typing in this white square again, getting my thoughts out, jogging my memory of the last week, and reliving what has been such an amazing life-changing experience.....

.....multiple times a day i am writing posts in my mind.....birth story posts, posts about the hard parts, posts about the amazing parts, the ups the downs, the details.


to find the time to sit and let my fingers flow? that has been difficult ;) even as i type write now, i've got one eye on the screen and one on my romyroo.

here is the story.
part one.

on monday after school, i was exhausted.
i was to have one more day of work, then wednesday i would rest, and thursday we would be induced andhave our baby. didn't go as planned. i mean, as I PLANNED. however - it truly followed the Lord's plan beautifully. and i am so SO comforted in seeing, once again, that my God rules over me (and my 'wanna plan my life' issues)
on my way home from work, i stopped at the mall - you know - to power walk for a bit.
then, holy cow, the hot flashes hit big time. but, how remarkable to see the haagen daz ice cream shop right as i entered. um, dolce de leche in a dish please? yes. and yummmmmoh! then i was off to do a hip-shakin-baby-movin-down-low power walk.
as i tossed my empty ice cream dish into the trash can, i looked up to see a sign saying, "pedicure sale, $21".
i haven't had a pedicure in over a year - (i don't mind painting my own toenails)
so i walked in and took a seat.
yikes! ahhhhhhh.......the massage chair alone was a bitty piece of heaven.
later that night, mr leif and i decided on hyvee. you see, we had been finding a place each evening for the past week to do some walking - i was so sick of sitting at home! so hy-vee it was! we browsed the isles of the grocery store, throwing random things into our cart.........oreos, captain crunch......all sorts of goodies we don't usually buy :)
monday night came and went.
no contractions.
well, a few here and there, but nothing consistent.
i couldn't sleep.....and so i stayed up most of the night messing around the house.
i declared that i would most definitely stay home on tuesday.
i was not going back to work.
no. i was done.
i needed an end. and the end had come (for now........until my maternity leave is over, sad face). so tuesday morning rolled around.
i texted my principal. then emailed the necessary HR peeps and said hasta la vista to work.
tuesday = project get baby out.
power walks around the neighborhood. squats in the living room. more walks with mr leif when he gets home from work.
but boo........tuesday night rolls around, and hmmmmph still just inconsistent contractions. so at 11:00pm mr leif and i hit the sack. he fell asleep right away - i did not.
out of bed for me and to the computer.
i wrote a few emails, did a little fbooking, stalked a few blogs, you know - the uze.
at 2:03 - i went to bed. with intentions of sleeping.
2:17 - OUCH! big one. a contraction, that is.
2:35 - i woke up mr leif, we started timing them
3:15 - i suggested we try to keep sleeping - hospitals these days practically want you delivering as you walk in so i thought we'd kill some time by sleeping......??
4:10 - OUCHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! major major contraction.
4:16 -OUCHHHHH again.
then......for the next 30 minutes, they were comin like a freight train, about every 3-4 minutes.
4:30 - i called my doc.
thankgoodness, she was the on call doc!
"lindsey", she said, "you're in labor! come in girl!"
so at 4:35 mr. leif was wokin up.
we both quick a took shower.
packed up the last little necessary items.
and hit the rode.

OUCHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! horrible drive there. contractions were now plowin through my body, and there was no easing them. no way to lessen the pain. just withstand them. get throug the next one, in order to have about 30 seconds to 2 minutes until the next one would smack me upside the uterus.
i called my mom.
mr leif called his mom.
we arrived at the hospizzy.

pshhhhhh. they made me wait in a triage room, up in labor and delivery, until they could check me and let my doc know where i was......
well, i was at 4cm and almost to 5.
doc said, "get her into a delivery room, she's definitely in labor!"

so we halled our gear down to our room.
it was now 6 am. i was checked in to my room.
baby roman was almost here.

at 6 am, i was at 5 cm, and it was painful.
and i was now convinced. i could NOT do this without some relief.
please, can a girl get an epidural?
so i did.
well, first it was some pain meds. they made me woooozy. the nurse said i would feel drunk. i was sort of excited. as soon as the meds were in, i started giggling. uncontrollably. i felt amazingly free and loose.
then i told mr leif, if he could play some rap music, i would "drop it like it's hot" for him.
he laughed.
the nurse laughed.
i laughed.
then the epidural came.
float away.
no. more. pain.
here's me. and mr leif.
the last time we are just us.
with my delivery earings :)


  1. AHH sooooo exciting. can't wait to hear the rest!!!

  2. mmmm, i LOVE it. it's like the best book EVER :) that's such a sweet pic at the end. last time we are just us...ahhh. it's bittersweet, eh? but you'd never ever trade it again, right? weird. i know. did that even make sense? haa. those earrings are HOT. you look incredible. i can't WAIT to know what happened after this! AHHHH!!!

  3. hahahah, you are hilarious! so excited you are ALREADY back to writing! We have missed you around here! Can't wait to hear more!

  4. you're so cute with your labor earrings! haha! YAY! Welcome to the world baby Roman!