Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the past. the present. the future.

the PAST, like just the last couple weeks......
oh man, holy snow day after snow day.
did you know i've only had ONE week since xmas break that i've actually worked a full four days (because i'm only working 4 days a week now. praise the LORD)
yep, we've had that many snow days.
also, did you know that colette had her babies? yep. she did. two boys.
and they're cute. SO cute.
and she's really good at being a mom. relaxed. a natural.
let's seeeee....
oh yeah.

i got sick. and realizing i hadn't showered or changed in over 2 days. whoops.
i learned pretty quickly that staying home from work, trying to get healthy, isn't like it used to be.
a good sleepin' in, lazy morning, filled with a hot shower, and maybe a trip to panera for a yummy breakfast or soup lunch, accompanied by a lazy afternoon nap, a couple law and order reruns, and then snuggles under the blankets until mr leif comes home to rescue me from the sickness with hugs and dinner and well, anything else i want.
sick w/ roman:yikes! roman is hungry at 5:00am. what? roman, not today. even though you always get up around 5, when i'm sick you must skip this feeding. no? ok. fine. so i nurse him and while we walk back to my bedroom, burp him on the way. then it's back to bed. swaddle him up like a bambino. and go back to sleep, together. then he's hungry again in a few hours. back up to nurse. OH man. head pounding. body aching. quick nurse. (oh crap. he wants to play???) what in the world, he's HAPPY? and must think i look like a freak (i did, if you caught the picture above) because he wants to laugh all day long. but ya know what? even when i'm sick, he can make me smile. and laugh. and even bounce around doing really embarrassing things just to get him to giggle. alrighty, i'm hungry. and it's lunch time.
oh yes, chili in the fridge.
warm up the chili, and what do ya know? spill it all over my legs.
and i musta put it in the microwave a tad too long, i burnt my legs.
i said OH FRICK! which is like a cuss word.
and then i felt bad. roman was staring at me.
strip down naked to get the hot hot chili off.
it landed on my shirt, pants, AND socks.
(ps - still have a big red burn mark on my thigh)
moving on.......
the afternoon was filled with a giant nap.
roman held my hand while we were in bed.
oh, everything's better now.

so yes......... romes stayed healthy throughout the week, and weekend.
but just yesterday he turned piggy.
snuffy snuffy nose.
but guess WHAT.
he LOVES getting his nose suctioned. yeah, who woulda though!?!
it makes him giggle.
so i suction his nose a lot.
we have fun.
and just this morning i squeezed the suctiony thing after i sucked a boog out, and it went flying....and stuck to our wall. HAHAHAHAHAH.
i'm leaving it there until mr leif gets home.
it's going to be the first thing i show him.
can't wait.
(ok this is funny...........i can hear roman giggling in his crib. i have 4 stuffed animals hanging over the edge and he thinks they are so funny. he's supposed to be sleeping, but instead has been literally squeeling in laughter for the past 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!)

the PRESENT. like, today.
i'm soaking up my 5th day in a row home with rome.
sat, sun, (monday my day off) tues snow day, and today snow day.
really, it could snow up until May if i continued to get snow days.
then we'd have to go on longer.... so, nevermind.
ok, seriously? roman is SO much fun.
you guys.........he is so happy!
doesn't have a fussy time. nope. from morning until night, he's such a little squealer!!!
makes life as a momma pretty fun :)
makes these snow days THAT much better :)
makes this season of life SO sweet.
people always say, oh THIS is my favorite stage, and then the next stage is their favorite and then the next and the next........
but so far, THIS is the best stage.
romes is like my little doll.
i get him dressed.
he LOVES to play with little toys, and the mirror, and drooling.
he LOVES when i am really weird
he LOVES when i sing
he LOVES when i make awkward noises
he LOVES when i bounce around like a crazy person
he LOVES almost anything we do.
he loves life. and i'm in love with him :)

the FUTURE. 
well, not sure.
just trying to take it one day at a time :)


  1. Linds- so happy you are back! I have missed your posts! Sorry to hear that you have been sick. Totally agree that being sick prebaby is so much differnt no vaca's for mommas. Glad to hear your little Roman Candle is doing well. We need to get together as I think these boys would have loads of fun as Colin has quite the little squeel. If I am listening to him on the montier as he is waking up and talking to himself I sometimes question that we have a little girl in our house instead of a little boy. :) Love this stage too! I feel so much more relaxed and at ease (well most days anyway.) :) So excited to hear about your new venture. Not sure which "show" I will be albe to make it to yet. maybe sat but more than likely sunday.

  2. AHHH Linds!!! Congrats on the new venture & opportunity!!! You are going to fabulous as a stylist!! They have super cute stuff too - can't wait until you have a show up in my neck of the woods!!! How exciting - so happy for you!!!
    Love you!

  3. 1. colette had her babies?! YAY!!!!!!
    2. snow days sound SO fun.
    3. roman laughing all day long sounds SO fun.
    4. stella & dot? you hafta tell me more! the site looks SO fun,

    SO fun.

    hahaaaaa. that was a long one. and that's what i got out of it. hope romeo gets rid of the snuffles soon :) love you!

  4. I like you. and your baby. and your randomness. and this post. you're funny. :)

    and I'm so excited for you! can't WAIT to hear more about your new venture!

    yay for snow days, and I'm glad you're feeling better! being sick with kids is so hard. blerg.

    so glad you posted, reading this made me smile!! teehee.

  5. Yay for new opportunities! I'm so glad I have a mother in law who can take conrad when i'm feeling too sick-with this pregnancy! It would be SO hard! I know how it is when you're really sick and have to chase a baby around. I feel guilty for turning on the tv some days and vegging out with him on the couch-knowing that it's slowly rotting his brain!
    ;) It's tough. I've had days where I knew that if i moved i'd barf all over the place! Glad you're feeling better!

    ps, you get me so excited for sweet baby laughter!