Monday, February 7, 2011

so, what's up with romes?

well hi guys! so glad you asked....
mom's just uploaded a bunch of pictures from her cell phone, for your viewing pleasure, hehe :)

i like my slippers, yep i do. sometimes i wear them to take my naps in......and when mom comes to get me, she finds that one or both have fallen off during my nap, so she laughs and kisses my piggies!!

i still get swaddled for ever nap or sleeptime. i liked being wrapped up tight. but.......if i'm not wrapped tight enough, then......

walaaaa........i'm bustin' out yo! when i break out of my blanky, mom sings, "i want to break free'eee......i want to break free....." to me. then i giggle.

a couple nights ago i wiggled all the way over to my puppy.
mom saw me in action because her and dad were peeking on me for about 10 minutes watching me giggle at the animals in my bed!

oh. this hat? mom always puts it on me, and then takes a bajillion pictures.
i don't mind it.....i like me some fluffies :)

ahhhhh, yes. the hat. again. while i'm getting my diaper changed? come on mom!

yep, it's no lie. i'm a giggle monster. especially when i make eye contact with mom.......or whenever she makes her silly noises. i giggle at dad too, he likes to talk to me in a high pitched voice. hehehe

diaper head.

bath time? gettin' fresh for the babes, what's not to love?

happy monday.
i'm hoping this week flies by, i miss my mom when she's at work. is it summer break yet?

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  1. he is so sweet and cute. love the picture of him all swaddled. enjoy your little gigglebox. too precious.