Sunday, March 13, 2011

i heart daddy.

as a new momma, i was so careful to be gentle with you my dear romes.
careful to gently change your diaper.
careful to slowly get you dressed.
careful to softly dry you off from your bath.
careful to cuddle you up in soft blankets.
and, well, it was a bit of a 'bite your tongue' moment when i saw your daddy do those same his 'own way'.
i wanted to tell him to be careful with you. to be gentle. to go slow.
but he has his own way, and you love his way.

he totes you around on his shoulder, as you explore the world together.

he's your dad. your his son.
you have your tough and rough bond,
but you still cuddle up on him like he's your giant pillow.

it's a beautiful relationship.
you are so content to be attached to him as he goes around the house.
little romes, when you look at me, your eyes speak love, tenderness, and a weakness that says,
"hold me momma, love me, and cuddle me."
but when you look at your father your eyes are different.
it's a look of respect, you're in aw of your dad, you think he's the greatest thing ever.
you're eyes say, "wow, that's my dad"

you love your daddy little romes.
yes you do.

rough he may be, but you love him like crazy.

ps. happy 5 months romedog!
i'll do a proper monthly update later this week :)


  1. Ack! Love this post! soooo sweet and adorable! i know what you mean. daddy is the hero around here too!

  2. 5 MONTHS?! get the heck out! that's crazzzzzy talk.

    nothin' like a boy & his daddy!
    i hope to give tim a boy one day too! heehe. wink.