Wednesday, June 8, 2011

just a farm,

smack dab in the middle of the city.
that's all.
and it's for kids.
with baby animals to pet.
and feed.
and love on.
and there's playgrounds
and concessions (who doesn't love snacks? me! me!)
and hand washing stations
and it's FREE.
FREE!!!! gotta soak up the free stuff, folks!
and sorry about my nasty ponytail head and frumpy clothes....roman was up all night long because he has such a runny nose - poor kid couldn't breathe and suck on the paci at the same time!

romes and i were invited along with our friends amy and audrey
it was our first time at deanna rose,
and, well, we'll be going back.
lots and lots this summer.
moo. says the milk cow.
yep there's one of those there too.
and it gets milked twice a day for the kids to watch......

and in even more exciting milk news, check back later for my next post......
(which might not happen for a couple days, that's typically how i roll, it all depends on how much longer roman naps!)


  1. how fun! and i think you look adorable with your ponytail!

  2. Fun, Fun!!! I really miss Deanna Rose!! Loved that place. -Mindy