Friday, July 22, 2011

livin' it up.

it's raining? don't let that get you down.........just play with the string that raises and lowers the blinds!! it's perfect to whip around in circles.......duh!!!

why sit around and play, when you can stand up with the support of anything in your path!!! duh!!! standing is totally the cool thing to do these days.

if there is anything in your reach, even if it's moms camera, cell phone, or especially the computer.......grab for it!!! as fast as you can, especially when mom's not looking!!!!
duh!! anything techy is better than my toys.

when it's hot out, like 100 degrees hot......go to the pool with momma!!
and then play in the fountains.
duh!!!! it's always better if you stick your face right into the water!!

after you're done swimming, a snack is the best thing ever!!
duh!! lounge in the stroller while mom pushes you home!!!

throw your carrots around everywhere!!
duh!!! why would you want to eat them anyways??!!

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