Tuesday, August 23, 2011

oh, i'm alive, by the way.

well, hello.
did you think i decided to stay in vegas forever?
did you wonder if i ever came back?
did you imagine me becoming a taxi driver on the strip?

oh, you did?
well, you're silly.
because none of those things are true.
i'm back.
i mean, i got back a few weeks ago.

but life is just busy, ey?! too busy to blog for me these days!!

vegas, though
it's a crazy place.
crazy in a bad way, yet crazy in a crazy way, and yet still crazy in a good way.

are you ready to get blasted with pictures?
mi familia. lovin up the pool. and........the majority of the time was spent right there, the pool.

yep, hats, coverups, and wedges. poolin' it and lovin' it.

sweet sister time.

crazy caaarazy, sister time.

ruby red lips sister time.

and when we weren't at the pool.......
we did lots of family bonding.....which basically involves two things, conversation and food.

miss them already.
aint she perrrrrrrty?

one night we found the cutest twin sisters playing at a dueling piano bar.
good stuff.

two sissies. and my sissy.

we got all dressed up for some dinner at in n out. pshhhh. hehehe. yum.

and we were dorks at in n out.

major dorks.

but back to the pool.
all of the sudden, the sun started to set......and provided the most radiant coloring as it reflected off of some bronze windows....
so i had to snap this of my beautiful cousin.

and then my sissy and aunt.....

and of course my aunt joan, who's as happy as can be.

and then we decided...."sister pic sister pic"

oh you guys too? sister pic, sister pic!


and then,
someone yelled out, "photo shoot!!!!!!!!!!!"
it may have been me.

hey ladies.

flying megan.

crazy girls.

look at that sun. shimmer shimmer WAAAAA.

and............last one.

so yeah.......

we had a good time.
a real good time.

but then we started to wonder......
is this us in 30 years???
from the left: aunt joan, aunt marce, mom, aunt marylin, aunt elaine. love them, love them lots.

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  1. omgosh. you are hilarious! and helloooooo??!!!!! you girls are just GORGEOUS!!!! the h-o-t-t kind! that green suit on you is killer. i bet y'all were fightin' off the nasty vegas dudes left & right.

    i've missed you!!! glad to see your face on here! and your hot bod ;) bahahaa. you make me smile. love you!!!!!