Monday, December 5, 2011


yesterday i woke up from a sunday afternoon nap to this:
you can't explain the feeling that comes when you see such a sight ;)

we're loving december and all that comes with it.

mr leif and i are beginning to plan all sorts of little family traditions for the this beautiful time of year.......ones that will be woven into the memories of our children.
{and let's be real, some that look good on pinterest but won't actually get done....}

so, here's to accepting the imperfections of this holiday season, and to get totally all cliche on you:
here's to remembering what the true meaning is.
here's to celebrating the beauty of CHRIST ;)

today i'm a guest of "dwell" over at olivia's :)


and now, for a quick catch-up.
a little PHONEdump:

1. november provided beautiful park days
2. daddy turned 28 on november 15th!!!!
3. roman passed out after one of our {many thanksgiving} events back in the NE
4. little romes also was battling an ear infection :(
5. but that didn't stop him from some fun in da tub with his uncle CAM!

6. meeting daddy for lunch. best family time. ever ;) provides such a fun break in our day!
7. playdates with cait and carter.......loving the twins more and more {&their play kitchen}!!!
8. another tree fell in our yard.
9. going to asher & bram's in my pj's ;) play time for both baby AND momma ;)
10. teething.
11. oh great, my ear infection turned into a DOUBLE {&muchworse} ear infection
12. roman brings us books. ALL. the TIME. but we LOVE it. such a sweet season.

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  1. oh man, mason is SO into books too!!!!!
    i think we will be fighting ear infections as long as we are teething.......bleck!!
    happy december!!!!