Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what IS the romanator up to these days?

so glad you asked ;)

at 14 months our little romes is..........

brushing his teeth!
every morning with daddy, and pretty much any time he finds his toothbrush.

playing in all things kitchen. and all things bedroom. and all of the things he can get his little hands on. ALL OF THE THINGS IN THE HOUSE!
but i love it.
and most of the time? i find those things in my armoire ;)
so far?
strainer, cellphone, wall hooks, dollar bills, medicine, lotion, pizza sauce, mustard, plastic tools from his toolbench.....remotes!
if i can't find it? i go to the armoire!

if daddy's doin it?
so is roman.
the way he looks at his father? it keeps me in love with his daddy too :)
it's this look of, "wow. you're my dad. and you so strong and smart and amazing"
rather different than the way he looks at me, "haha....momma, you're so FUNNY, and chase me!!! and you're silly, and giggles, giggles, let's play!"
i love the way he sees us differently.
one as a father
one as a mother
he so intricately watches daddy, so as to pick up on every move, because DUH, he's gonna be just like him someday!

roman is a travelin' tropper :)
he LOVED playing with uncle cam back home in the NE over thanksgiving, and CANT WAIT! to see them at christmas. a bathtime buddy? yes PLEASE!
it was a wild bath time, that's FOR. SURE!
i'm loving that he has slowly eased out of his anxiety.
his stranger danger is diminishing.
still a momma's boy? BIG time.
still takes a while to warm up to friends? yes.
but does he come around and enjoy a good playdate, even with uncle cam?! oh yeah.
loving this sweet little social blooming baby of mine ;)

the fridge.
there are no words.
he's in love with all things inside of it.
the end.
{but it at least gives me a moment to whip up a mean grilled cheese for lunch!}


and he's walking now {a bit bow-legged/pigeon towed} but it's cute.
and he's babbling away.
and he's giggling all day.
and he's pointing at things all of the time {with his middle finger, HA!!!}
and he's hammering on the walls
and he's saying MOOO for cow, AHEEEHEEE for horse, and EEE-EE -EEE for puppy
and he's obsessed with all animals {both fake and real}
and he's bringing books to me all day long
and he's eating better!
and he's still drinking milk from a bottle, HA! {i don't care!}
and he's using straw sippy for water and juice, and boy is it cute watching him with a straw
and he's still napping twice a day!
and he's going to bed around 7:30 and waking around 5:30/6:30
and he's amazing. and we love him.

and oh, my little one. those eyes. they're captivating me more and more each day.
{and i'm quite in love with your little quirky right eyebrow, and your fluffball of a head at the moment, too!!}

i'll love you forever my dear sweet one :)

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  1. oh my, what a busy busy boy!! he's so much cute and cuddly and adorable rolled up in one small person, I honestly don't know how you stand it, I don't. :)

    ok, so, just so you know, I miss you. I realize I've been a horrible commenter lately, mostly because my computer wasn't letting me comment on all my fav blogs (but now it is suddenly?? I don't know why, but YAY), and so I feel like I'm playing catch-up!! if you only knew the comments I've written to you in my head!! :)
    thanks for sharing about your sweet boy. xoxoxoxoxo to him and his mama!!