Thursday, April 12, 2012

jamaican me crazy.

i asked my friends for lots of prayers.

because, well, i was worried.
......about the two flights and 2.5 hour bus ride there, and back
......about the "what if" romes needs medical care, can i trust the jamaicans?
......about roman's napping and sleeping....would he sleep? would he be a crab bucket?
......about losing all of his pacifiers
......about roman getting an ear infection
......about more random things.

and then it happened.
crazy stuff, good stuff, all of the stuff.
and we survived.
the stuff.

+ we made it *just* in the knick of time for our first flight.
+ we met up with my inlaws and the boys in atlanta for some much needed help in chasing roman around the airport. {kid doesn't stop running}
+ we successfully changed romy's clothes while walking down the airplane ramp thingy before our second flight. {because romes puked all over. because he was running around. like a wild man}
+ i stayed calm about roman's rash that started spreading by the time we arrived in jamaica
+ i didn't seem to freak out when roman practically licked all of the windows on the {notveryclean} 2.5 hour bus ride to our resort
+ i held my tongue when we arrived to the resort, romes needed a fresh diaper {BAD} and we weren't taken directly to our room
+ we had champagne upon arrival
+ we watched romy fall in love with the beach.
+ we noticed that he doesn't really mind drinking ocean water. HA
+ we realized the rash got worse
+ we saw the resort RN
+ we were referred to a jamaican doctor
+ we were prescribed three different meds
+ we noticed the rash got better
+ we drank more champagne {why not? they stocked our fridges for us}
+ we never sat all the way through a meal because romesters must run around ALL of the time
+ we didn't lose all the pacifiers
+ we didn't run out of diapers
+ we got to ride in an air conditioned bus for the 2.5 hour return ride to the airport
+ we only thought we were involved in a drug scam one time, {our bus driver sidetracked to a random town to drop off a mysterious "white sack"}
+ we made it on time to both flights
+ and romy only pooped on the plane twice

told you there was crazy stuff and good stuff :)

but really,
the first night we were there i **almost** allowed myself to minihyperventiliate wanting to be home so we could go to the doctor clear up the dang rash on romes.
but i didn't, mr leif and i prayed {well he prayed, and i sniffed}
and then i felt the most amazing rush of calmness take over.

something i came away from this trip was realizing how thankful i am to know our happiness isn't things like vacations {and unlimited redstripe}
YES we get excited for them and YES we enjoy them {to the max} but we know they come and go.

we knew going in, that it would be a bit tricky to travel out of the country with a toddler.
it went SO surprisingly great.
and we knew that traveling with a toddler meant no magical expectations could exist.
we set out with gratitude, knowing that our happiness lies in things above.
and not in things of this earth, like vacations.

YES, we had an amazingly marvelous time,
and, YES we were in awe at the beauty of the beach,
but we are still grounded in the realities of life.
knowing that vacations are such a nice break in the pace of life,
but knowing our hope is in the Lord, and not in suntans, free frozen drinks, and bob marly gifts galore in the gift shop.

a big ole' "everyting is gonna be alright cheers" to our vaca in the jamaica.
and an even bigger cheers to the revelation of what prayer can do........
....... realizing i managed to stay strangely calm the entire five days throughout all sorts of toddler "stuff" can only have one explanation -- the Lord answered not only my prayers, but the prayers on my behalf from my friends and family.

now THAT's the umbrella to any fruity drink i've ever had.

SO happy that even through this crazy "we brought an 18 month old to jamaica" vacation, i am still learning how GOOD our God is.

i'll quit.

{but really, i didn't want this to be a "look at our amazing life....we got to go to jamaica.....everything's perfect....." post. i wanted to be real. ok? ok}

the "problem" with pictures is, they often portray this magical perfect life.
because who really likes to take photos of tantrums, spit up, and little cars being thrown across the restaurant? {well actually that sort of sounds like fun to photograph}
but really, normally for those ugly moments, the camera is tucked away.
but just know they happen.
in everyone's life.
especially in ours.
but also know that EACH day we smile, because we know that our God gives us JUST enough grace to make it through those moments :)

so, now, here's all those happy pictures, hehe.........


  1. Hi - I would love to know where you found your swimsuit...especially the black it! Might not be able to wear it for awhile as I am still a few months post baby yet it would be great motivation! :-) Great pics and thanks for keeping it real! P.S. I have been following your blog for awhile and just about to start my own! :-) - Kim

  2. oh lindsey! beautiful post! beautiful pictures! just beautiful... and the most beautiful is your heart! :-)