Thursday, June 14, 2012

hang that rack.

so, about 5 years ago, we lived in an apartment.
sometimes i dumpster dived found awesome treasures in the apartment's parking lot.
this, was one of those awesome treasures.
it was a plain ole wine rack.  just dying to be filled up with bottles of grapey goodness.
and begging to whitewashed, errrr covered slopily with white paint.

but. as any homekeeper would have it, the less one has to clean around/under the better.
so.  cute little wine rack, perched in the corner was
a) collecting way too many dust bunnies in between its rungs
and b) annoying to move so it typically sat there and didn't get cleaned under/around.

and thus, i said, "mr leif. hang that sucker!"
and he did.
[i heart him a ton]

so now, i give you, the hanging wine rack.
with sadly, only 4 bottles of wine.  
i must get to trader joes and buy more cheap wine.

now, onto more crafty goodness:
who doesn't like a fresh pallet, just waiting to be attacked with my diy hands.
i do! i do!  gimme some of dat.
[i'm sure i'll post a picture of my wood pallet like 4 months when i actually complete it]

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