Tuesday, July 10, 2012

coming home.

let's be real, coming home from a vacation can be a total let down.
and, while i can preach to myself about being grateful that we have family 4 hours away to visit, and a vehicle to travel in, and even suitcases full of clothes.......it's still there, slowly seeping up.
the let down of returning home.

don't get me wrong, it's so nice to be in your own bed again, waking up to the predictable expectations of the day.....but, why does this first day back always get the best of me?

monday had a rough start, folks.
it began with the breakfast of champions.
but not until like 9am, because i let roman completely destroy our bedroom while i laid in bed deciding if i would actually get up or not.....things like draw on the floor with highlighter, and pull all the clothes out of my armoire, were keeping him busy, while i just laid there, feeling awesome about my mothering
after our pinterest worthy breakfast, i started meandering from room to room.
seeing things like last night's empty pizza box....
 full suitcases needing to be unpacked, sorted, washed, put away, 
and making me wonder {again} why i pack so many clothes......
and while i dug into the suitcases, roman dug into every toy box, bin, bucket we have....
dude knows how to make a mess, and fast.
and by 2:00 pm he was up from his nap {awesomesauce}
and this mom of the year, left him in his jammy top, sans pants, 
while he cooked himself up a late lunch.  
he's got a hankerin for wooden fruit.
{kidding!!! we obvi had something healthy, like..... chicken nuggets and strawberries}
 and then, by 2:45, i looked down and realized i was still in my robe, trying to unpack,
and clean up after theRomes, and found myself pondering if i had brushed my teeth yet, or not.
oh you who loath in self pitty. stop and count your blessings.
and i did. and they were overflowing. 
and it's just pretty amazing what a grateful heart can do to a weary mind.

little ole "sad/i miss my family/waaah-waahh" lindsey finally bumped up the grind via itunes.....
and in no time, there was joy, overflowin'.

God is so good.  
and i am forever thankful that he gives me his grace, and forgiveness, and compassion and understanding.  and that he doesn't judge my pathetic monday morning/afternoonish activities {or lack thereof} but instead, loves my broken heart, continuing to call me home :)

tomorrow i'll post more about our trip home, to nebraski :)

and did you all see what ann voskamp wrote on her fb??  amen ann, as always, amen:
"Thanks-giving might literally become thanks-living..."

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  1. that sounds like my day allllllllll the time ;)
    get up, gurrrrrrl.
    don't frown gurrrrrrrl.
    shake that money maker, gurrrrrrl.

    k, that had nothing to do with your post.
    it just came out.

    i love you, linds.
    even in your pjs.