Saturday, December 8, 2012

moments to remember.

afternoon bathtime.
he says, "i'm a dolphin, not a puffer fish, not a shark"
 nighttime with daddy.
 a total champ at mommy's checkup.
though, he hid behind the curtain anytime a nurse or dr. would walk in :)
 our imperfect advent attempts.  
so sweet, so real for this stage of life.
 trips to nordstroms for rides on the escalator.
[and so mommy can pretend like she's there to shop, but in reality she's wearing a handmedown shirt, leggings from 4 years ago, and $7 shoes from marshalls]
 measuring everything in the house, just to be like daddy.
 asking to go to target, coming around the corner in these.
 5:45pm rescue from daddy, when momma is
 those times, every time, when i turn around when we're in the car and i see this face.  every time.
 post nap snuggles.  i usually replay bob the builder at least twice so we can keep snuggling.
oh, such a sweet time.
our little family of three.
just trying to take time to stop, appreciate, enjoy, and sip in the good stuff.


  1. So cute! I also replay tv shows to try to sneak in extra snuggles!!

  2. we just read that same chapter in our jesus storybook bible. then i sat at the piano to play "away in the manger". they wanted to run away from me playing, but i forced them to listen. ha.