Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my dear roman

sweet little 2 year old son,
you've got a wild spirit.
many don't see it outside the walls of our home or outside your comfort zone of family.
most of the time, you come off very shy and scared.
but something ignites within you when you feel safe.
you become wildly unleashed to run and jump and giggle and talk talk talk!
your vocabulary spills out of your mouth in words and phrases that are as sweet as honey to my ears.
your love for machines and trucks and airplanes and all things that go, continues to blossom, as you continue to expand your very detailed repertoire of anything that has a motor.
your passion for building and playing lights up the moment you wake up in the morning, and it doesn't stop until we pry your little fingers off of your legos at night.  you have a gift of playing.  you have a gift of imagination.  you're full of gifts sweet boy.
your obsession for your momma has continued to be just that, an obsession.
though you have successfully been attending the childcare during mommas bible study, and nursery seems to be doing great {finally!} you'd much prefer if you could just be within 2 feet of me, all.the.time.  i've slowly begun to embrace and love that about you.  i used to work so hard each week, planning social outings, just trying to help you become more extroverted, and more comfortable with other children, and less attached to me, but i've seen those attempts continue to be fruitless.
and the Lord has been opening parts of my heart to understanding and rejoicing in the little boy that you are.  one that needs me.  and so, i'll do just that, i'll be there for you :) 
 but let's not put your love for daddy on the back burner.  he lights up your world.
you have him wrapped around your finger, and all you have to do is mention places like donut shop, home depot, and costco, and he whisks you away in his "biiiiiig fast truck" and you two are off on your little outings.  
your daddy is so amazing, sweet roman.  i can leave for a day, for a weekend, for any amount of time and he just glides right into the role of primary care taker.  he knows exactly what you need, how to parent you, how to love you, and your attachment with him is growing like a wildflower.
you've begun to refuse bedtime, as you tell us "i'mmma play just a yiddle bit" over and over again.
but then your daddy picks you up and takes you back to our room.  
there, he puts jammies on and other night time routines commence.
he always ends with reading stories to you.
every night you giggle as he reads.
i sit on the sofa and just listen.
no matter what happened that day, how many times you needed correction and discipline, your giggle soothes my heart.  and your daddy has the perfect magic to send you off into sleepland.
roman, having a father like mr leif is a treasure.
i couldn't ask for a better role model for you.
and so, i pray that you too will grow to be as selfless, serving, humble, and hardworking as your daddy.
and i pray that you will love jesus.  know him, and love him.
i love you little roman joe leif!
your world is about to be rocked as we move from our home to a new home, and add a new baby to our family, all in a couple weeks time, but i know....deep down in my heart, all you need is to be loved well, and you will transition just fine. 
love, your momma.


  1. such a sweet little post. it's so amazing to see them learn things! I don't have any children of my own yet, but my nieces amaze me at how they learn and investigate the world. so sweet.

  2. posts like this make me so excited for what lies ahead with Bennett. :)
    what a sweet, amazing boy you have!

    I cannot WAIT to know if Roman Joe gets a little brother or sister!!!!!!!! :)

    praying for you in these last weeks, beautiful friend. <3

  3. Aww, I think Mr Roman has a pretty awesome momma too! ;)