Friday, July 26, 2013

our kansas city june.

we spent about one week of june in kansas city.
we came home from the wedding, hung out for a week, and then took off for nebraska!
but it was a full week.
and thus, it shall be documented :)

. . .

archer spent the week getting cuter,
and roman spent the week becoming more funny.

archer perfected the brother punch,

and romes went to the dentist for the first time!

gpa don came to visit and went to daddy's softball game with us,

romes spent the whole game adventuring with his buddy jairus.

gpa don read bed time stories to romes,

and daddy came home from work and mommy thought, dang, he's cute.

mommy took millions of pictures of archer man.
no really, 
i have uncontrollable snap syndrome
 i can't help it!
 he's just so yummy.
and he also looks kind of like a baby bird.
chirp chirp little archer.

naked baby!

and eeeeeeeeek!!!!  
he started scooting off his little play mat!

we spent the week snuggling and catching up on sleep from the wedding week

and romes stepped out in style to make his daddy's father's day gift

my little picasso strikes again.
our traditional daddy day canvas, by romy joe.

it was a crazy busy week full of laundry and re organization of the house and trying to get back on schedule with our lives . . . and then packing and preparing to spend 3 weeks in nebraska.

kansas city june, you were a crazy one!

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  1. you are killing me with the baby pictures of archer! hehe! sooooo adorable! and that hat on roman. what a stud. hahaha