Friday, October 23, 2009

change of plans...

i am not too much of a routine girl...i like to be more random. i do love to plan and be organized, but i don't necessarily need makes me bored.
i was supposed to visit mr. leif at his jobsite for the weekend, to see the site, his pad (appartment), and to possibly venture into st. louis for some fun. but, there was a change of plans. he is coming home tonight instead.
it's nice for him to come.
to verbalize what he is going through, i think he still needs to 'come home' to feel like his work is his work, and not his whole life. so we will do the regular friday night hangout, fill our day on saturday with random things, and on sunday we will do church and our usual yummy breakfast/brunch somewhere cozy :)
routine is good, ey?
for mr. leif, yes. and if that brings him home to me, then i welcome routine with open arms.
he will be home in 2 HOURS!!!
so i am speeding over to hy-vee to get ingredients to make some pasta, garlic bread, and an apple pie...i hope he likes the aroma of a yummy dinner when he walks in the door!!!
this morning, i woke up to this
a beautiful view outside of my window
as i looked into our backyard

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