Monday, October 5, 2009

someone came to visit.

she did. that's celia. my little new zealander...
we had a fabulous time going to...

wine night with the ladies at spin pizza, yum and fun. did you know that you can take your own wine to spin, and they uncork it for just a buck? yep, it creates quite the lovely evening: book club at coco's was next, and on this night ce got to meet some of my KC besties! and silly me, i forgot my cam cam, so i wasn't able to snap.

what's a friend reunion without movies on the couch? a 'night in' fostered some good chat time, and ice cream of course...well someone hadn't ever tried sheridan's frozen i had to introduce her :)

then the weekend came. mr. leif came home (smiles). and we had fun, the three of us :)
did i say we had fun? because we did :)

next was saturday, it was lovely.

our morning was spent at the farmer's market, getting some lovelies to put on the grill. also, i bought 3 pumpkins. and 2 gourds. yay. i like how they look on my front steps.
yum, fresh, beautiful
spices anyone? friends, me and her.

and what's a weekend with a long lost friend, without creating at least one inside joke...

"bet you girls can't do a back flip!"

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