Monday, September 28, 2009

busy as a bee...buzzzzzzzzzzzz

a nice night in - friday:
oh the weekends. i soooooo look forward to them! from monday morning, it's pretty much a countdown until mr. leif pulls into the driveway friday night. this weekend, he didn't get home until even though i typically possess the thought of 'we must go out on a friday night', we stayed in and it was nice :) you see, we usually hit up the salty iguana for some oh-so-delicious mexican food . but we had a nice night in. i had ice cream with a side of m & m's and mr. leif had taco bell. yum. - saturday:
on saturday night mr. leif and i went down to the plaza to watch the huskers dominate :) the 810 zone has a tv to human ratio of about 3:1.... jk, but really, it might be 1:1!! so mr. leif was in his own little mini-heaven, and i got to people watch, yay :)
at a glorious church service, I found a new excitement in Micah 6:8
"He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."
i am going to paint that verse on a big piece of plywood and then hang it behind my couch. mr. leif already bought me the wood, i just need the paint, and waalaa. hopefully my vision is fufilled with this little crafty, if so, i will post pics :)

and then after church, we made a return to the plaza.....

but.... this time...

we went to walk around and enjoy all the artsy-ness :)

and of course, we ended it with some spin dip from brio. delish. absolute delish........ahhhhh and my closest friends will appreciate this one: i stuffed my pockets full of brio mints. can't help it. its my trademark.

oh yeah, i did a little decorating too...i got a rad shelf from craigslist that stand in the corner, and holds my cute little plates.
and, i finally have my table looking how i want it. for now. one can never quite have her mind made up now can she???!!
don't forget........!!!!!!
Micah 6:8
act justly. love mercy. walk humbly with your God.


  1. Love it Lindsey! I am getting excited to start my own blog and yipee that tomorrow is Friday and you & Casey get to be in the same pond for the weekend :0)

  2. the table looks so pretty. I especially love those panels on the wall behind it.

    oh, please DO share your project when you get that verse done. What a great idea!!