Saturday, December 12, 2009

450 peacemakers at the wash...

we nickname our school "the wash" .......short for washington elementary
as i posted earlier...i am trying to promote peace in our school through my classroom guidance counseling lessons.
my theme for december is 'peace begins with u'. i like it.
i'm trying to create 450 peacemakers.
i wanted to spruce up my lessons this month and make them super deeee duper along with the typical 'stuff' we usually do...i am doing a fun crafty thing in each grade level.
these are the 5th grader's "peace flags"
check'em out......pretty sweet, ey?
i hung them from the ceiling in the hallway :)
bring on the peace.
side note...wouldn't it be lovely if i could teach them about peace AND the prince of peace??? that would be great.

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