Wednesday, December 16, 2009

someone has a crush on me...

while reading this book to one of the kindergarten classes at my school...

i got to the page that says, "peace is thinking about someone you love."

one little boy made a squishy/squinty face and then pointed to me.

his friend laughed a little, then pointed at the boy who was pointing at me, and said,

"he loves you."

so, my the absence of mr. leif....i have my own little romeo in the kindergarten class, here at 'the wash'.

one more funny from my day... i was just informed by our little possy of gangster 6th graders that we no longer use 'cool' when referring to something that is, well, cool. one must use 'fly' (kinda knew that one), 'raw', or 'crispy'. so to their request, i have now been using a lot of 'raw' and 'crispy' when giving them should try it sometime. here, you can practice right now. repeat after me, "lindsey, your blog is so raw" GREAT! you did it, now try, "lindsey, your blog is so crispy". baaaaaahahahahahah. that one sounded marvelous. now, go on....add those 2 words to your daily vocabulary. do it for me. i am totally raw and crispy.

sidenote: i get to see my bff(2) in 3 days. san diego here i come.

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