Tuesday, February 9, 2010

because my sissy is so busy...

...with gingie, i will post this picture that i have been begging her to blog about.
i love her little church outfit. i can brag about by neice right?!?!? i mean, that's what being an aunt is all about, right?!?!?!
it's normal that little charlotte is taking over my blog this week, right?!?!?
it's totally not freaky that i change my desktop backgroundto a new picture of her every 3 days, right?!?!?!?

i thought so. i knew i was in the clear.
i missssssssssss my sissy.
and ps...
i had a 5th grade girl come in today and she said....
"ok, so i need some tips, i like this guy and i want to make a good impression, but i told someone else i liked him and they blabbed it all over 5th grade, and now my love life is ruined."
hehehehe, oh the drama of 5th grade love :) she then later said.....
"and do you have any tips for eye shadow? like what colors would go good with me? i tried to put yellow and red on for the KC Chiefs but it didn't look good...."
so i kindly gave her some more subtle eye shaddow ideas.... and thanks to years and years of advice from this girl, i would have probably sported the Chief's colors on my eyelids too! thanks sis :)


  1. CUTE ;)Charlotte is too adorable for words - I want to meet her!! Any plans for a trip (or move) to Kansas?

    You are such a good auntie! I am so excited for my sisters little one to get her next month! Let the spoiling begin, he he!!

  2. eeeeeeeeek coco......liza actually just told me she is comin to visit either the end of february or early/middle march!! i am pullin for her to come over my spring break around march 13th.......so u will have to meet little gingie!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You are too sweet, I am not nearly as fashion savvy as you think.... you helped me with a flat iron trick when you were here last, so you're pretty good yourself! You are the bestest sis and auntie we could ever ask for!
    XXXX liza&jinxy