Monday, February 8, 2010

last week...

...was good.
as i have referenced before...we are taught to pray, "give us this day our daily bread." well....last week God didn't just give me my daily bread, He gave me a whole LOAF!
i know... i know...
now you are thinking, what? do you like, really obsess over bread? are you some sort of carb freak? what do you put on your bread? (honey, now that you ask) do you toast your bread? (yes, i do)
but really.
God knew that i needed His mercies, and I needed them bad :)
last week was school counselor appreciation week. throughout the week i was blessed with letters, notes, books, posters, and gifts. and to top it off, my principal of whom i adore, gave me and mr. leif a movie theater gift card (can i get a fist pump!?!?) and she hung up all my posters and layed my cards out nicely on thursday night. they were just forming a big pile from the week. so when i walked into my office friday morning, it was gloriously organized. i like my principal, she is sweet.
so...without further is a glimpse into my loaf of bread that God gave me :) hehe

i love how the Lord provides. His mercies are new every morning.

and. i love that the kindergartners like my clothes and my dresses :) hey, if i can't teach them that 'hands are not for hitting' then i can at least teach them some fashion tips, ey!?!?! (can i get a double fist pump!??!?)


  1. What an awesome post Linds! It is truly amazing how the Lord can lift you up when you need it the most. It's obvious you are doing a great job as a counselor, keep hanging in there you'll get through this crazy time in your life and you'll look back and it will all be worth it. :) Hope to see you at book club next week!

  2. this is the sweetest. kids can just melt your heart sometimes, eh? i glad your heart is full again. God is so good to us :)

  3. I'm doing a couple fist pumps for you right now! It was wonderful to see how your school poured out the love - just what you needed :)

    Love you (and your cute clothes)!