Wednesday, February 17, 2010



ya know, i used to watch the notebook, just so i could cry. i like to cry. it makes me feel good. of course, i was envisioning me as ally and mr. leif as noah and that we would die together in the same bed when we are like 90. so it was happy cries. but really. i do like to cry. i feel better after a good cry.
enough about crying....
well, just one more thing.

you guys kinda stepped in as my new 'notebook' this week
wanna know why?

well. after my sad post earlier this week. ive checked and i received 7 comments. eeeeeeek thats the most i have ever received. and every time i read your comments, i cry. but its a good cry, it makes me feel good afterwards. you see, i treat this blog as a journal. because if i don't write....i will start talking to my laundry. yep i did that about a month into mr. leif's project. i talked to the laundry and then to the fridge. but now i journal. and sometimes the journal writes back (that would be you) and that is so lovely. so thank you for the amazing support. God is SO good. and he knows exactly what we need. so thank you for letting Him use you, to help me.

some people say that conversing through email, blogs, etc. isn't healthy for relationships. and that you should really keep things verbal, so you can hear each other and truly listen. nope. not this time. your comments to me were like medicine for my heart :)

so thank you for being such supportive readers.
time to dominate tomorrow. and then friday is here.

its weird. i have had this battle going on in my mind all week, its gone something like this:

  • one moment i am sad and pouting and mad and confused and hurt.
  • and then the next moment i am like, 'ok, be strong, stop thinking about it, focus on something else'.
  • and then the next moment i am like 'no, don't focus on something else, you have every right to cry and dread this long week and wish mr. leif was home'
  • and then the next moment i am like 'but that won't get you anywhere. so suck it up and be strong'
  • and then i cry and then...........

iiiiiiiiiick its a vicious battle. and its in my head.

ok so this post has turned into something completely random. i intended to make it a simple thank you.........but im not really a simple type of person. i am more of a mess....a hot mess....remember, i add the hot on there for mr. leif ;)

i'll be back..........friday. the big day.

and thank you. from the bottom of my heart.

ps. my sissy is coming to see me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ohhhh i am so anxious for you!! but i shouldn't be. because God already knows, right? it's so hard to wait! i wish i was your neighbor so i could come over with some fresh baked cookies & we could watch the notebook over & over again together. we could be the best of friends! i'm glad your sister is coming to keep you company. praying for you, hoping for you! xo.

  2. When is your sister coming? How exciting! Wish you could have joined us on "Naked Ladies" night...I'm sure you've seen Colette's post, right? Otherwise, that sounds awfully dirty. I swear it's not. :)

  3. she is coming over my spring sorta sounded like she is coming now, but not until march 13!!!!!!!!!! for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and yes, read about the naked ladies, hehehehehe sounds like i missed out!!

    miss you katie!!!!!!!!!!! scott too!!!! on the first sign of spring we need to have a grillout with our gang again!!!!!!!

  4. Have been thinking about you all week! So glad Mr. Leif will be coming home tonight to be with you....I'm sure this has really seemed like the longest week ever for you! Praying for good results tomorrow! No matter what, cling to the Lord; He has a purpose and plan in everything, even when it's hard to see. Can I just say that I soooooo wish we were next door neighbors!!!??? I would be over at your house all the time! You're my soul sista girl! love you!

  5. You are such a sweet heart, a bright light that shines in many people's lives!!! You most certainly have given my life a boost, just knowing you,Lindsey. You are such an inspiration to me!!! I love you to pieces!!! I pray for great things for you. I know tomorrow will be ok!!!!! :)

  6. I will be anxiously checking your blog today, waiting, hoping, praying for good news, sweet friend.

    I'm SO grateful that it's all inthe Lord's hands... and that you know and believe that so faithfully. I'm just continually learning from and being inspired by you, Linds.

    And YAY for your sister coming!! I'm so excited for you!!

    ok, "talk" to you later. HUGS HUGS HUGS