Sunday, March 21, 2010

a tribute to.... family.
...amanda, well, all of the gowen's.

i would give ANYTHING (i think) to get my hands on an old acappella cd, or heck, even a you get rid of those??

oh the memories of these concerts, we spent many novembers driving to hastings, some of the best birthdays i ever had, hahahahhaha........... give me water from the well, baby.

QUICK DISCLOSURE - if you are not my family, deanna, tara, or may not wanna listen to all of these, because they will probably seem dorky and/or annoying, hehehehehehe. but i just couldn't resist. these were some of THE best childhood concerts. EVER. amen.


and thank you mom and dad........for making using the LORD (and his music) in such a HUGE part of our growing up years. i hope mr. leif and i will be toting our kids to every christian concert we can find too :) i have awesome parents, ey?!?!?!?! hey - music is ministry - it was POWERFUL in our family, heck............. amanda, wouldn't you say it was powerful on clay street!!!!

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  1. ahhh! this post brought back memories!! I remember going with you and a bunch of other girls to Hastings for one of these concerts... I think it was for your 13th birthday party, maybe? I remember feeling SO cool, being at a concert with all you cool girls (because, in case you've forgotten, I was a wee bit awkward and dorky then. haha) And I remember we all wanted to get Acapella to sing happy birthday to you, but you would NOT let us because you were too embarassed. And then afterwards, we went back to your house and spread out sleeping bags in your den (or something) and watched Cool Runnings. Good times :)

    also, Acapella has the distiction for me, to this very day, of being the only concert I've ever been to. I know, SAD. (i'm working on changing that)