Saturday, March 20, 2010

bugs are my.....


it's quite obvious.
  • we have an exterminator come 4 times a year to spray.
  • if i find a spider, i blast it with hair spray until it stops moving, so mr leif can get it when he gets home.
  • we have bug sticky traps in random places of our house

however, this week, i had an encounter with a different kind of bug.

the sick bug.

{morning sickness? i don't know}

on two different occasions, my big sis and my mom had to hold my hair,

my mom had to pull over the car, and if you can't figure out what i was doing yet.......i'll give you one more clue: i had the best ab workout i have had since i ran track at doane.


my dad drove me back to KC yesterday, it was SO nice of him. i had to get home somehow and my sissy and her babe were off to the airport with my mom. it's nice to be back in KC since mr. leif is home for the weekend :) and since i think i am starting to feel better.

today i am going to try to eat again. not sure what i'll eat, but for some reason i suddenly craved wedding cake in bed last night and then i had a dream about these giant ice cream cones that were made of both cake and ice cream. kind of like an ice cream cake, but intstead, an ice cream cake cone. oh, and i also had a dream about one of my bestie boo's having something really really amazing happen :) but we'll see if my predictions were right.........hopefully soon.

ok. off to go try and eat.

you think i can order myself a cake from hyvee?!?!? i could have them write "happy your spring break is OVER" or "happy it's SNOWING on your last 2 days of spring break" or "happy many hours of homework that is waiting you"........... noooooo, no no no. those are too negative. how about just "happy saturday. eat up!"

thanks for all your help dad...........the entertainment center is lookin fab!

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