Tuesday, April 20, 2010

celeb spotting......

..........in the OP?? (overland park, yo)

yep. last friday night, mr. leif and i went to a beautiful wedding reception -(we didn't make it in time to the ceremony, cuz the mr. was driving back from st. lou-eey)
a friend of mine from work got hitched :)
and, her hubby went to highschool and has since kept in touch with paul rudd.

its ok, you can say it, who's paul rudd? cuz that's what i did.
during the ceremony, i had lots of coworkers texting me
"lindsey, paul rudd is HERE!!!!"
and then i would turn to mr. leif, and say the followling (while stuffing my face with cheese balls from culvers, as we drive around nice neighborhoods drooling at houses, waiting for the reception to start):
  • "who is paul rudd?"
  • "is he an athlete?, he must be an athlete cuz i've never heard of him."
  • "oh you need to know this case, its gotta be an athlete and now you are going to be embarassed cuz you don't know who paul rudd is!!!"


turns out. we googled him on my phone and, HELLO, he is totally an actor, and quite famous.

you see, we aren't the best (mr and i) with the names of actors, other then the real real real famous ones. but we have definitely seen Knocked Up, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Anchorman, and.........he's in all of those!!!!

so he is quite famous. and im totally out of the loop with names of actors. (heck, i thought he was related to one of the rudd brothers who played husker fball)

paul rudd. the one on the left silly!!!!!!!

this photo is from the movie 'knocked up'. cuz i didn't wanna be like the million shrieking ladies, at the reception, taking pics and pics and more pics of paul. seriously ladies. he's married. we are at someone elses wedding, i mean, with all due respect.... :)
but really i don't have a photo. so you could technically think my celeb spotting is all a hoax. but its not. i saw him. a celeb. in the OP.
i do however have a quick snappy of mr. leif and i.
weddings make me happy.
they make me think of ours. it was fun :)
now onto a more serious note. my dreadful morning sickness, that lasts all day.
in relation to my side note from yesterday (last night's) post, i definitely have a history of getting motion sick, having major nausea, and in fact throwing up while on carnival rides (ahemmm, dustin schoneberg - jr. high)
here's me. in new zealand, with ce.
lauren captured this beauty.
i've got those nice little wrist band thingies cuz i was feeling weeeeezy on her dad's yacht.
yep. i said yacht. we were just sailing around NZ on a yacht, no big deal :)

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