Tuesday, April 20, 2010

mr. leif's favorite.....


the other day, he said to me, "linds, look up a song called 'brother's keeper', its my new favorite".

so i looked it up.
well, i found out that its actually called "hold us together" by matt maher.
i totally fell in love with the song too.
and then i re-fell in love with mr. leif.
it melts my heart that this is his current favorite song.

k, i need to give you some history.
back when we were first dating, we drove to hastings a lot - to go see movies and eat at runza.
i discovered early on that mr. leif liked weird music (or so i thought). stuff like pearl jam.

now i thought that i had the best music taste ever.
i mean, when i wanted to get pumped up for a vball, or bball game, we would shake it to luda or something naughty and rap-like.
when i wanted to dream of mr. leif i would listen to country.
and when i wanted to beller out and have some worship time in my car, i would bust out the sonic flood.

we didn't discuss music very much, because i learned very quickly that we had different tastes.
you see, i specifically remember being in his green monte carlo, on highway 6, hearing him say "i hate country, i will never like it"

...then low and behold, a few years later, i do believe we found ourselves at a kenney chesney concert. and mr. leif even owned a few country cd's :) (notice the change?!?!?!)

...then i very slowly introduced him to christian music. i think for many people new to christian music, it seems kinda weird. but soon, very soon, it will begin to move you. and before you know it you are bellerin out to k-love in your car, and if its a real good one, you might even get tears :) yes it moves you. well, it moves me, this i know.

...a few years go by (which is about 3 years ago), and guess what station is totally programed into his #2 button. K-LOVE! i didn't do it people, he totally set that. boooooooo-yah.

...a couple road trips back to NE and i suddenly realize, we can beller out TOGETHER while we listen to K-LOVE :) (i can't believe i am telling you this, he might be embarrassed, but i am typing this out of complete love and adoration of my husband)

...and now, he is literally spoutin out 'this is my favorite song' when referring to a christian contemp song.........heck, he is so great. he has totally transformed as a music lover. and i love it.

k, now. back to business.

so this song.

you HAVE to listen to the words. its beautiful.
and mr. leif is one of the most humble men i know.
and it makes my heart so happy that he would pick THIS song, with THESE lyrics, to be his current fave.

i hope k-love plays it 57 times on his way home from st. lou-eeey on friday afternoon.
actually maybe i should call in a little dedication!?!?! hahahhaaha

push pause on my music player :)

k, so you listened to it once. intently reading the lyrics. and smiling.
this time, listen to it again, BLAST the volume and dance. and of course smile.
i know i did. in fact......its what i'll do now :)

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  1. things like this are the MOST attractive, huh? I love that you have such an awesome godly man (and he has an amazing godly wifey who's havin his baby!!!!!)i like the song alot.xxxxxxLiza