Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wanna come for coffee?

if i actually liked coffee.
and if i could have you over for a morning chat,
i would tell you that i'm.....
  • ........ready for the school year to wrap up. its that mid-april feeling of WOW these kids need a summer break........and so do the teachers. for all you mom's out there, i am sure you can imagine what its like to be surrounded by rambunctious kids all day. especially when most of them are so hooked on video games, that making it through the school day is practically impossible. a human, a human teacher can never equate to a video game where you can "blow up stuff" and "smash everyone" and "shoot'em" - yep straight out of the mouths of babes........ (can you tell i am NOT a video game advocate!?!?!?)
  • ......NOT missing mr. leif. as i mentioned on mondoay.....he is here m-w this week!!!!! he goes back to his job thursday and friday of this week. but hopefully he will only have a couple weeks left. and then hes home for GOOD. praise THE LORD. literally. can i get at least 8 fist pumps?!?!? come on, clench your fist, now raise up, and quick! pull it back down. now do it 7 more times.
  • proud of my man. he has been working so hard on our house projects. and hes been such a good husband. and he's been so far from home for 10 months and he has the best attitude about it all :) i love him. and i think he will be a good dad. (because if he can put up with me.........then a kid should be a cinch)
  • .........actually proud of myself. i am on top of my school work. although i am majorly in the burnout phase of this most HORRIBLE semester of my life, i feel good about the 3 weeks that are left. but don't expect me to have this new found peaceful attitude in a week.........then finals hit. UCKY. my 3 large final projects, that are nicely written VERY confusingly in our syllabus, have been glaring at me for a while now.
  • happy because we had a successful garage sale last week. i made about $160!!!!! and i NEVER EVER have cash -i'm on a debit card only rule, so mr leif can track my spending when he does our budgets :) ............... and now i have a whole wad of it!!!! what should i buy?!?!?! im thinking about saving it and then going to get my nails done or a pedicure and maybe a hair trim - as a end of semester celebration in may. but i don't know if i can wait that long. i think it will totally burn a hole in my pocket!!! check out my G-Sale mates below :)

me and my gang :) kt - the banker, and me the snacker, and colette the clothes organizer

  • .........loving the HOT weather. i mean seriously. its been like 80+ degrees for the last week. if only i had time to sit outside and soak up the sun. i tried to tan on my deck last sunday afternoon. but after 15 minutes there were 3 giant bumble bees swarming and i scurried back inside. quick. those things freak me out.
  • ...........feeling a bit indifferent about the weight gain that comes with pregnancy. it is definitely a different experience to start seeing that number bumb up and up and up on the scale. i might have to get rid of the scale. or ask mr leif to hide it from me. but dont worry. it didnt stop me from getting a large order of fries last night.
  • ...........wondering when my afternoon/evening sickness will stop. i don't, nor ever did have, morning sickness. nope. mine kicks in about 4:00 and then doesnt really get better until i fall asleep. no matter what i eat or drink. and im into week 14 this week so i was hopin it would skeeedattle by now. but oh well. my needs are now on the backburner and will be for the next 50 years......... bring on those needy children :)
  • ...........a bit sore in the jaw area. i chew a lot of gum. and my jaw hurts a lot.
  • ...........wishing for tan legs. and arms. i don't think i've ever spent the month of april being this white before. good thing i can't fit into any of my shorts or skirts. that would be blinding.

ok. gotta run....... well not really. im actually gonna drive to get a snack and then on to class. and then home at 9:00 to mr. leif!!!! yay!!!! no scary dark house to come home to. love it.


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  1. OH Linds, I am sooooooo glad you get a lil extra time with your hubby! We need to skype soon, I wanna send you maternity clothes and I figured you can give me a yay/nay on whatcha want(and maybe talk to your niecypoo....she's been missin ya!)but we'll have to do it after Casey leifs(leaves) a dork.