Tuesday, April 13, 2010

how the heck do we choose a...........

  • some page through baby name books.
  • some go straight to the Bible and grab one of the more popular names there. (matthew, mark, luke and john?!?! ruth?? martha??? mary??)
  • some choose from their grandmothers or grandfathers (leona!?!??!?!) (lois!?!?!?)
  • some pick their husband's name, and tack on a "jr." (casey jr. HAHAHAHAH)
  • some spend hours and hours contemplating (ME ME ME)
  • some have had it picked out since they were 16 and sitting on the lifeguard chair dreaming of baby names (you DONT wanna know the list i have from my lifeguarding days....guess what i'm FINALLY over Lilly?!?!?!)
  • some pray and pray that the Lord would guide them in choosing a name (trying to do more of that)
  • some may pick something so random and odd, just so no one will ever 'copy' it. (apple?)
oh, there's that phrase..........copy it.

copy it.

copy it??????

and that's where i am stuck.

you see..........mr. leif and i really have NOT done a thing to prepare for the babe to come yet. i mean, i have done some internet browsing on the miracle nursery i hope to create. but that is all.
well, i did search craigslist a couple weeks ago for an old crib i could paint. and then i lost interest.

but the one thing we have discussed. A LOT. is names.........

our girls list is set (for now,until we add or change it again)

our boys list. ugh. we can't seem to agree on much. the two we can KINDA agree on are ones that mr. leif doesn't really like. and 2 of the names he does like, are already reserved by close people/friends in my life. and the 3rd one is already used.

so back to my phrase from earlier: copy it.

when do you draw the line? i mean come on......... how many stacie's and sarah's and ashley's and megan's and jennifer's and john's and michael's and josh's and tyler's and ......... do we know from our growing up days?? i mean heck, i just went through my contacts and i have 5 ellie's, 4 emily's, 3 jenni's, 4 jessica's, 5 katie's, 4 laura's, 4 amanda's, 6 megan's. do you think any of their mom's got mad at each other for "stealing" their name?

so i face a dilemma. i want to honor mr. leif's choices. especially since he pretty much agreed to all my girl names (except luna, olive, and haven). how can i disagree with EVERY boy name he likes, just because i might be "stealing" or "copying" someone's name choice for their child they will have in the future, or in one of our choices, a name that has already been given?

also. its a struggle when i have all these different groups of friends. church friends. nebraska friends. college friends. kansas city friends. book club friends. work friends. wine club friends. cousins. sisters. neighbors. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how can i NOT replicate a name?!?!?!

and........because i always have and always will be a 'sharer' of almost everything personal in my life.

i give you:
our current list of names.

minus mr. leif's 3, i dont know if i am strong enough to unveil those yet.........there goes that DREADED people pleaser in me again. humph.

oh and these are in NO NO NO particular order - heck, it was hard enough making the list, i don't have them prioritized yet, and they will probably change soon...........

girls -
lucy (bringer of light)
nora (light)
olivia (peace)

boys -
jude (praised)
oliver (peace)

ok..........i'd really like some help.......can you copy names?? or is it "stealing"??????


  1. Casey is SUCH a good secret keeper! I especially like how he had you so fooled :) He told Quinn & Scott while they were all out playing on Saturday and so Quinn told me and I kept thinking . . . when is she going to blog about this? and I kept wondering if you knew yet!! YIPEE for you, enjoy your week.

  2. ummm, i say copy away! when it comes to your kids name EVERYONE will have an opinion (try naming two. oy.) it can get annoying because everyone knows someone with a name you like, ya know? so i say, you pick one YOU both LOVE & that's that. don't even think of any other child with that name or someone that has "saved" that name. there's no savies in baby naming. ha!

    plus, if i have a boy, i'm totally naming him jude (except tim hates it. ha. but i'll work on him later). it's been on my name list since for-ever & now it's popping up everywhere. so maybe we'll both have baby jude's one day! i think that'd be swell! :)

    mmmmhmm, that was a looong comment! but, really, i LOVE all your name choices! looove lucy. & nora. & oliver. i could picture you with anyone of them :)

  3. oops - I posted my earlier comment after the wrong post . . .

    Anyway when it comes to YOUR baby's name you get to do whatever you want :) The end. Not more stress about that!

  4. I completely agree with Colette and Molly, it's your kid name it what you want. Like you said in your post, there are so many names that are duplicates.

    As far as the time frame goes, if it makes you feel any better: We had a perfect boy name picked out when we had Tristen and couldn't agree on a name for her. When we had Reed we had a girls name decided on but couldn't agree on a boys name, we decided on his right when we were leaving for the hospital.

    Just make sure it's something you guys like ( you'll have to live with it forever! ) ;)

    I'm a baby name book person by the way, just went through the entire book and put tags with names I liked, then handed it to Clark. Have fun with it.

  5. Hey girlie!

    I am just now checking out your blog. I love it! Anyway, I feel you on this one. Actually, we sort of have our heart set on one of your names if we ever have a girl (it was my great grandparent) and would totally use it regardless of "copying" you or any friend. I just wouldn't repeat it if my relative uses it. We just had it easy since we LOVED two boys names. But really, just pick what you like-you absolutely can't please people on this one!