Thursday, May 20, 2010

dear wittle weif,

so, hello! its your momma here......
and i have a few things to tell you.

first of all a confession.
you see, normally, i am quite the detailed/organized/planner crazy woman.
since you've been hangin out in my tummy,
(that's wear you are, right? in my tummy?)
i've lacked in that area!

before i was pregnant, i always predicted i would journal about everything while pregnant.
i would take measurements, record my symptoms, record my weight, etc......
well. i've done none of that.

so. i am going to begin documenting a few things i never want to forget.

today, i wanna write about mr. leif, he's your dad.

1. so while you are in my belly, we talk about how old you are in weeks. last friday you turned 18 weeks. its been tradition with your dad and i that sometime over the weekend while i am in the shower, he reads the next chapter in our book. we have a book about the details of a growing baby. i think its so cute of him. normally he isn't a big reader, but he thrives on reading about you! we learn about how big you are and how unhealthy i am acting, whoops. but don't worry, with these eating habbits, you and i will totally share the same sweet tooth! just think...we can sneak chocolate into our rooms at night, we can share rootbeer floats, and beg your dad to make us brownies - together!!! cheers to junk food :)

2. lots of time people take pictures of pregnant ladies. well, your dad has totally been all over this one. every sunday night (except for a few we forgot) he has me line up in the kitchen for a body shot, to see how much i've grown - well really, its seeing how much you've grown - inside my belly! your dad is quite persistent about this. especially when he was gone in st. louis. on those sunday nights he was home, we just HAD to get that photo taken!

3. last week we toured a hospital. you see, we have to pick between two different ones because my doctor delivers at either place. this summer we will take some classes to learn about how scary this whole havin a baby thing is, and we need to know where to sign up for them! you dad scheduled the tour. and he was TAKING NOTES the whole time (and we were with a group)! he was listing the positives and the negatives! at first i was kind of embarassed, and as many woman are, i was tempted to have him stop or even make fun of him. but then, i realized i need to embrace the amazing father he is already trying to be! i smiled. i was so proud of my note taking husband, aka your daddy! we get to visit the 2nd hospital next monday, i'm sure he will bring his handy dandy little notebook :)

ok, so long for now :)

ps. will you start kicking a little harder? i haven't felt you yet and i would like to soon!

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  1. Such a cute blog post! What a sweet idea.

    P.S. that pie last night DID have peaches in it - so it WAS healthy ;)