Friday, May 21, 2010

today was the last... of school, i mean half day!

for the students it was.
i go back all next week for meetings and to move my office into a bigger room!
i am super excited to have a bigger room next year!
my couch practically takes up half of my office this year!

and then i am on to teaching summer school (just in june, and just til 1:00 each day!)
and then i am off to the pool as much as i can!
and decorating, and crafting, and figuring out my sewing machine, and family, and traveling, and cooking for mr leif, and begging mr. leif to meet me for lunch at the park, and getting the nursery ready, and getting fatter and fatter - well, my belly, that is!
and then back to school on july 27th!
i know it will fly by :) ........... actually more like this face :(

so back to today........

mr. leif had this random idea to capture my morning 'getting ready for the last day of school'

he ran into the bathroom with the camera.
and snapped some shots.
then he looked at them and said, "whoa, you look kinda scary in some of these"
so he deleted the bad ones :)
here is what remained when i looked at the camera after he left for work..............


he threw up his hood, and snuck in the photo.
then he started singing 'slim shady' he was eminem or something.
but i liked it.
it make me laugh, and smear my mascara.

he made me blueberry pancakes!

thanks mr. leif :)

i'm glad your home. i missed having breakfast made this year!

and, peace out 09-10 school year, you were wonderful to me.

it was a great first year as counselor: ...................i learned, i grew, i stretched (both mind and tummy!), i laughed, i loved, i learned some more, i cried a few times, i loved and loved, i hugged, and i played.

ps........thanks katie for the black little sweater thingy. (she was going to sell it on our garage sale, but i really fell in love with it, and she let me have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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