Monday, May 17, 2010

i lied at church yesterday...

...when someone asked me if i was ready for the school year to be over.

i said "yes, Oh yes."
and then a thought popped into my mind....'wait, that's not true'

see, its like the thing to say. when someone asks a teacher or for me, a counselor, if you are ready for summer.
DUH! of course you say yes! its only natural.

i mean come on.
imagine your day with 25 kids in your face-all day.
trying to teach them, trying to be their friend.
who wouldn't need a break. teachers are my heros.

but im not a teacher anymore.
as a counselor, my job is totally different.

yes. there are days when i need to probably pull my hair out.
because the other option i think of is not very 'legal'.

but. as a counselor........i get to help kids with life.
how to deal, how to cope, how to calm, and how to plan.

so. this whole counseling gig, for ME, is much better then teaching.
and the truth is. i'm not counting down til summer.

actually this is our last week of school and i could totally go like 4 more weeks.
but. july 27th will come soon enough and i know that i will be sad to kiss my summer away.
i am embracing this last week.
i am not counting down, but celebrating such a successful year.

and how can i not celebrate,
two 5th grade girls came to visit me the other morning, with this.......

after i read the card,
i told them i love them.
is that inappropriate?
oh well.


  1. see? this right here is a perfect example of why i love you so much, lindsey. you have such a pure heart. this love for life that can't be held down. the kids see it too :) what lucky kids to have you around! xo.

  2. love your sexy bangs. and i love your sweet, sincere heart for your job.

  3. you have a sweet heart. Congrats on your little one coming. lovely blog. :)
    nicole visiting from