Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1,460 days ago i married mr leif.

that's 4 years :)

i remember it like it was yesterday.

i was standing there. NERVOUS as could be.
because, i was all dressed up.
i had been calm during the whole planning process, and even that whole day.
and now was the moment: THE moment, he would see me.
so i started to walk (after sam rushed out some kleenexes for my out of the blue crying attack, thanks sammy)
such an emotional moment, the anticipation and excitement of tapping him on the shoulder, so he could turn and see me in my princess dress :)
mr leif and his momma :)
and my momma too :)
now, the real deal!
so we made the walk, dad and i......
what you don't know, is that we were sweating up a storm.
june 30 in the midwest? hot hot HOTTTTT!
now smoochy your bride mr leif!!!!!!!!!
our first walk. as husband and wife. the journey of our life............
and as the mood lightens, and as liza blows bubbles at my butt...........we know its time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!
yes, please!
so many memories with family and friends........
it was a beautiful day.
now on to the reception!!!!!!!!
tossin the flowers......
what a day.........
the best day of my life.
i would go back to relive it in an instant.
and not change a thing.
with freshly chopped hair.....(thanks sis!), we were off to jamaica.
we gots ta get fancy yo!!!!!!!!
and be lazy in the hammock :)
and stare at my hubby..........hubba hubaa :)
and drink cocktails.
lots of cocktails.
and even more cocktails at the pool!!!!!!!
making new friends :)
makin more new friends (i think i like to make friends wherever i go)
 we climbed a waterfall :)
and i continued to gaze at my hubby. the whole trip.
i couldn't help it!!!!!!!!!!!
how romantic :) heart overflows with love for this man.
and it's more and more every day.
i can't wait to see what i'll feel when i see him with our baby :)

happy anniversary mr. leif
thanks for the most amazing 4 years of my life.
i couldn't ask for anything more than to be your wife.


  1. oh so BEAUTIFUL!! i love seeing old (4 years. pshh!) pics of weddings :) what a beautiful DRESS!! AHHHH! & i LOVE that you chopped your hair before the honeymoonin'..yeeehaaaaaw! you both look so happy & free! happy 4 years kids!! xoxo

  2. I looooove this post!! Hooray for pictures! :) Happy anniversary to you and your mister!! 4 years!! You are seriously an amazing wife, Lindsey (I learn a lot from you), blessed with an amazing husband. In short, I'm pretty sure you're just an amazing couple, and may God grant you MANY years of joy and love together!

    you, in your wedding finery... SO beautiful. Like, you-belong-in-a-magazine beautiful!

    also: DANG, girl, you are a hottie in that black dress! ow ow!!

  3. I LOVE THIS!!!! i got a lil teared up.good ole memory lane. so cute. (why am I skipping and blowing bubbles at your butt? oh well. I think I was wanting to make sure there were bubbles in the picture.yes,i look like an idiot) I totally forgot that we chopped your hair in the hotel before your honeymoon. so fun. You two are quite the couple! ps I cant wait to see you in 2 days. WOOOOHOOOOO!