Tuesday, June 29, 2010

mr leif's got......

like no other.

as we walked around our yard on sunday afternoon, he had me play secretary while he listed off all of the things he wants to do around the house........

and last night when he got home from work, he was all excited to get goin'........ matter of fact, he completed #7 last night!
i asked him for a picnic table about 8 days ago.......i've had this vision for a real communal space on our deck for when we have guests. something we can sit around and something that of course promotes good conversation :)i figured this would be a cheap solution, and when using some wood he already had, it became a FREE solution. nice on the budget. next up: i get to paint it!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait!
it's done! a new picnic table for our deck. thanks mr leif, its beautiful :)
i told you he had energy......he didn't stop there............
he moved briskly into #1 from the list, a walkway on the side of our house.
i got to design it, he's doin the manual labor ;)
and while he was workin up a sweat......i got my crafty on.
i was reflecting on some of my friendships...and realized i have some pretty amazing friends, another reason why i'm in love with oak hills.........and i needed to thank them for inspiring me..........because every time we talk, everytime i'm with them, i leave with wanting to strive to be a better daughter of God. and they deserved a thank you for that. i couldn't be given a better gift from a friend. (but if we wanna be talkin gifts here.......i suppose a gift card of some crazy amount to anthro would rate pretty hi too)

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  1. how fun! getting stuff done is the BEST feeling in the world! such a sweet table. he just whipped that out? just like that? WOW. i think you should do a house tour with pics so people like me can see where you live :) OH YEAH!!!

    p.s. sorry i've been such a bad commenter (commentOR?). i'm still reading, & loving every post. you are the sweetest. & i love you so.