Monday, June 21, 2010

i was sweating pretty heavy, while...

...waiting for mr leif to get home tonight.

yeah yeah, our air is on, and works very well.
i was outside, silly.

you see, i was putting away groceries in my kitchen, and had the last item (body wash) in hand, when i turned around to a CREATURE crawling across the kitchen floor, and up under the dishwasher.

this creature was a mouse. and my preggo body doesn't move half this fast even at jazzercise. i did about 7 leaps on my tiptoes/sprinted out the door to the garage.
shoeless. with body wash in hand.

then, i realized i was stuck. in jeans. in 91 degree weather.
mr leif wasn't supposed to be home for another hour.

so, there i sat on my front sidewalk, jeans roled up, sweating, with a terrified look on my face.
and our neighbor kept peeking at me from his window. creeper.
jk. he probably thought something was wrong.
why would i be sitting on our sidewalk with body wash in my hand?

oh great. now i have to pee.
go figure, just moments before i saw the mouse i chugged a bottle of water, because i realized i hadn't had any liquids all day and the babe probaby thinks he's travelin through the sahara or somethin.

k, im sweaty, a bit calmed down, doing the pee dance.
so i move to the garage. ah haaah. its a bit cooler in here. no sun.
and perfect. i found a place to perch.
i thanked the babe briefly, because his future bed is my perching point.
in our garage is a giant box with the crib and changing table/dresser inside.

i needed to get comfy, so, hoping any drivers-by or neighbors didn't think i was going into early labor/having weird 'i wanna nap in my garage on a box' moments............i decided to brave it, and i hopped up on the box and sprawled out.

about 20 minutes later. mr leif pulls up.
and i burst into tears, poor guy, didn't know what was wrong

'we have a mouse in our house' i slobberingly said.

i guess the mouse gets in from under our dishwasher.
there is some tiny holes for pipes he squeezes through.

i announced about 56 times that we are moving and our house is yucky.
and mr leif says any house can get mice
so i said that our house isn't even gross its pretty clean, so why ours??????
and mr leif said its not that our house is dirty, they can just find a way in.

im much more calm now.
and mr leif is much more buff now.
he carried me from place to place all around our house.
i wasn't gonna dare let that critter crawl over my toes.

in fact, ive calmed down enough, that i think im actually going to get up off the couch and walk, on my OWN two feet, into the other room to give him a hug.

he is a good protector.

***good news.
mr leif, pulled out the dishwasher, stove, and fridge from the wall.
he scrubbed all the areas.
then said, "i seeled any holes and cracks so tight, not even an ant can get in"

i am safe.

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