Monday, June 21, 2010

last week...

...i went home.
to nebraska.

it was great.
simple, slow, easy, and completely stress free.....
although i missed mr leif like crazy, i was glad to be there and not here all alone :)

i met up with my dear sweet friends for a quick dinner on my way through lincoln tuesday night.

ahhhhhhhhhh, i loved being at home in saronville..........
i was lazy
slept in
ate ice cream with homemade hot fudge
and caught some beautiful sunsets :)

like really amazing sunsets.

i saw cammy play a little baseball........
and colton too :)
oh, being home was great.

..........i even did some dreaming of how my life would be different if we lived there.

here is my pretend life i created:
  • i would stay at home with the kids, and not work
  • i would lead an exercise/fitness class 3 times a week
  • i would facilitate a moms parenting group once a week
  • i would coordinate play dates and field trips for friends and their kids
  • i would learn to cook (im horrible)
  • i would learn to sew
  • i would host a weekly bible study where everyother week we would do a study, and the off weeks we would just talk and eat good food.
  • i would live in a house that mr leif built. (he's quite obsessed with building his own house these days.)
  • i would host girls night at my house twice a month. it would involve wine

oh i love to dream.............

someday i'll do all of those things, right?!

and i suppose i could do them right here in KC
cuz mr leif doesn't plan on movin back anytime soon
and i'll support his decision to stay
lookout KC.........i've got big plans :)

im off to the store for some apples.
im dyin for an apple crisp. and corn on the cob too!!

happy birthday to my little brother! love you!!!

and to heidi, my amazing friend...........a jazz instructor/cake maker/blonde bomshell/college roommate/a dreamer/a hugger/a laugher/a wine drinker/ a beautiful and respectful wife/ a sharer of your lifeguard whistle on the first day i met you..........oh, my lovely stomp and shakin' it friend. i love you:)


  1. great ideas linds. i wanna be included in all your plans....SOMEDAY!!!!! Heidi's stomp and shake it...a lol for sure. you should probably refrain any stompin or shaking these'd give yourself a black eye. hehe

  2. Lindsey!! I would love your dream life to come true for you!! Then, you would be back in ne and I would be able to bring my kiddos to your play dates, be in your exercise class, and help you make yummy food for the bible study we'd be in together!! Sounds great to me!!! I have been following your blog and I look forward to "catching up" whenever I get a chance... the boys keep me hoppin!! :) I have been so encouraged by your posts... seriously, every time i read them I am encouraged!! Just wanted to let you know that!! You are, and always have been, such a special person! We are soooo excited for you both and your little boy on the way! seriously you are going to experience a joy like you have never experienced before with this little guy!! You think your heart is full now... just wait!! It will only get better and better.... even if your body changes some.. which yes, is sooo hard to deal with... you are already being self sacrificing and it is soooo worth whatever you'll have to go through!!! I cant wait for you to experience it and for casey too!! You'll fall in love with mr. leif even more... which i know seems hard to believe... but its true!! The way brandon is with our boys, just makes me love him more than I ever thought possible... its so cool. So, anyways, just wanted to let you know I think of you guys often and am praying for you guys as well!! Take care and dont sweat the small stuff.... its all worth it in the end!!! :)

    -Deanna :)