Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i've got my color palette set....

.....for the nursery.

that has been a longtime battle in my mind.

i don't want to go with a specific theme, i just want a color palette so when i am out browsing at tj maxx, marshalls, garage sales, and thrift shops, i know what sort of thing i'm goin for.

i stumbled upon this cute photo online for the idea of the poms....
i like the colors, and the tutorial (click on the photo to see for yourself)
when i came across kirsten at pomlove, via etsy......
i thought.
ok, i'll support her
and try making my own poms on another day....
i ordered a mixture of the colors below to create little leif's very own 5-peice set.
can't wait til they come!!!!!


  1. i have the martha stewart "make them yourself kit" in pinks from Michaels a year ago. good tast sis, we are the coolest!

  2. good taste! bravo! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! making the room cute is one of the best parts of a baby i tell ya ;)

  3. So much fun & I LOVE the color selection :)