Thursday, June 3, 2010

my belly is growin.....

........... and last friday, it was time to find out......... boy? or girl?

back home in NE last weekend we had a party.
i called it the 'big reveal'.
we invited fam and some friends to my parent's house.
it was such an awesome evening.

you see thursday we had our 20 week ultrasound.
we asked not to be told, but rather that it was written on a paper and sealed in an envelope.
then friday morning, i dropped off the envelope at my aunt joan's.

i spent the rest of friday running errands and preparing for the party.
joan spent the rest of her day makin a cake.
with a layer of frosting inside.
i told her to use blue or pink, we'll cut it open, and know immediately!

so here are some snappies of the fabulous event.
i know we did.
bbq'in it up.
chillin' ......... i love the look of the barn and shed in the background.
filled with so many childhood memories!!
and then, BAM, there's dad's blue truck. wowza. bright blue. BAM.
my momma and me.
love her :)
mr leif and his buddies.
sis lesley holding baby hudsypoo
and then.
7pm came.
and that was our time.
time to slice open the cakey.
i wasn't nervous or anxious until 30 seconds prior.
then i freaked out a bit.
you see........
it was this week that i really started coming to the realization that i WANT a GIRL.
and i started to fantasize about her.
her nursery was pretty my themed out in my mind (based on a rug and lamp from anthro)
and i already had 8 outfits layed out in my imagination, cute little ones that i would put together so she would knock the socks off of any boy within 2 feet of her. even at 2 months old.
so i was nervous.
and we cut the cake.
and mr.leif was REALLY nervous.
and the frosting.
now i am quite honest, and i think it's is totally healthy for me to admit i wanted a girl, and wasn't as excited as i wish i was for the blue frosting.
but its ok.
i had to be real with my feelings.
i had to accept that i was, in fact, let down.
and then as soon as i acknowledged that.........
i began to get excited!!!!!!!!!
and mr. leif is truly overjoyed.
i love how happy he is.
he talks about him and his boy all the time now.
like this babe is in the other room or something.
he forgets i still have 19 more weeks.
.........i've got a couple video's comin through email.
i'll post'em when i get them.
they show mr. leif's giant fist pump that thrusts into the air at about 79 miles per hour.
yes. he was stoked.
he still is.
and i am catchin right up there with him.


  1. CONGRATS LINDSEY!!! Girl or boy, you're gonna have a gorgeous, gorgeous baby. Now you'll just have to think about what he'll wear to keep all the baby girls away...

  2. ah man! this made me all teary :) i'm so happy for your BOY! ahhh, BOY! boy. boy. boy. you're having a boy! is it real yet?! congrats girl! he's one lucky guy to have a mama like you!

  3. I adore these pictures and the fact that this post is just oozing with happiness and joy. And I'm beyond excited about the boy you're having!! It's funny, but when I first found out you were pregnant, for some reason I pictured you as a momma to a little boy. I think it's because you're just so RIGHT to be a mom for a little man. You're going to be amazing. And mr. Leif? Well, he is pretty much the cutest thing ever with all his excitement. Doesn't it make you fall in love with him all over again? :)