Saturday, June 12, 2010

this morning...

.......i dropped mr leif at the airport.
bright and early.
it's a yucky feeling saying goodbye.
in fact, i hate goodbyes, i usually try to avoid them.
but as i waved the last time, i tried to look cute and a bit sexy like ms vogue here,
ya know, so he would have that vision of me in his mind.
and not one of me sobbing and slobbering....
oh i love him so much.
i guess it's quite true.
absence must make your heart grow fonder.
i dont typically like/believe/say cliche things like that
but ever since mr leif has been home from st louis.
i'm his shaddow.
cant get enough of him.
im not gonna sit around and mope all week.
he told me to have fun...
so im headed back to NE for some good girlfriend time.
and some fam time too!
(but not before momma2 comes to see me this weekend!!!!)
but goodness.
let's not get too far ahead.
today is a big BIG day.
ive got this crazy test.
in 3 hours.
test...test...test....i do not like you
i'm feelin good about the test though.
a few of mr. leif's words to me last night.
"let's go on a date..."
and while i was just adimate i would fail:
"i love you, and i'll still love you if you don't pass"
and over and over again to pump me up:
"you're gonna rock this test"

......thanks for the inspiration mr leif.
and just in case i do fail, which i wont:
but take heed........
and when i walk out of that testing room....
i'm gonna leap with joy.
and then go meet my classmates for a beverage.
i think i will do a nonalcoholic margarita or something fun like that.
because life IS much better when you celebrate.
when you dance.
and when you laugh.
i plan to do 2/3. not sure if we'll be dancing.
it'll only be 1:oopm.
but maybe......
because i love my classmates.
when you are in a counseling masters program with the same mates all the way through
you've been their clients
they've been yours
they've heard your heart
you've heard theirs
we are so close.
a rather tight knit bunch.
and for you.
dear readers..........

1 comment:

  1. i just love you. i think you know that by now. your humor KILLS me :) i'm sure you were sexy as ever as mr leif was bidding farewell. goodbyes are the worst. i feel like i haven't seen my tim in days. sucks.

    p.s. you're gonna ROCK that test. i mean, studying in your bra & panties? now that's dedication :)