Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a very random view of today, from my...

...cell phone.
as i sit on the couch. looking around the room. daydreaming.
and, well, not studying like i should be. :)
and feeling proud of myself for going to 5:45am jazzercise before summer school.

so mr leif re-did our tv room/den-ish area a while ago.
and shame on me for not posting a beautiful pictoral blog about it.
i will.
and my dad helped him too.
but for now, look below
and catch the sweet corner entertainment center he built into our wall.
i love my mr.

now remember my fakesters?

when we were home for mem momma and i got our nails filled.
she had fakies on too!
i usually just have them on for about a month and then i take the off.
i've never filled them.
but when 'strategically' scratching mr leifs back,
i asked him if i should take my nails off,
or get them filled........
....he so adimately replied with 'fill'em'.
and goodness!!!
im totally not with it...

because, i haven't been posting belly pics.
i suppose i better kick this: 'whoa its awkward taking self portaits' thought to the curb.
because i am going to post weekly shots.
because its so cliche.
all the preg gals do it.
i suppose i will ramble about whats going on with my preggo state as well.

who told this girl to wear horizontal stripes? um no one.
i'm livin on the edge.
i guess.

so, at 21 weeks and 5 days.....

i've felt some slight flutters. but my doc told me at my appointment a couple weeks ago that the placenta (i think thats a gross word) is in front of the babe. so its between my tum, and him. and therefore i probably wasnt feeling him yet. but this past week i have. its like butterflies. kinda like the feeling i got when mr leif would stop by my locker in highschool. ya know. we were cheesy like that.

also. im 90% done with feeling sick! i really only feel as if i've just stepped off the rockoplane if A) i dont eat soon enough, or B) if i am riding in the backseat of a car, or C) at night sometimes randomly. (ps... the rockoplane was an evil ride at the sutton carnival. i hate carnival rides)

my lady lumps are big. and i dont like them. holy bigger bra. (but its a comfy one. and its tan. and it has ugly thick straps. welcome to becoming a true woman i guess???)

my butt is losing any and all firmness that ever existed. not even 1% firm. nor are my thighs. and they are yucky. its like our bodies are designed to turn into marshmellows so we can push babies out easier??? but. its ok cuz mr leif still swears he loves them. and i suppose its a small price i can pay for a mini mr leif to arrive in october ;)

no weird dreams. but i have an internal clock that wakes me up at 5:30 and wont let me go back to sleep until its like 10am and i am craving a blanket and the couch. but cant have them. because i am teaching a couple kids from ethiopia how to read. (yep, almaze and girma are in m 10-1030 reading group at summer school).

i've started to not be ale to sleep on my tummy. i can feel the babe now when i do that. and that's awkward and uncomfortable. laying on my back still works for a bit. but the side is most comfy. although mr leif is probably sick of being my body pillow. im like a pretzel all intertwined around him. but its ok. he sleeps really hard. he probably has no idea he is assisting me.

all in all. im doin fab.

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