Thursday, July 15, 2010

bbq'in at the leif's...

...was a good time last night!
alyson, eleanor and joel.......posin for a pic
it was our turn to host our small group from church
and yes it was the hottest day of summer
and yes we still had a BLAST.
our church has truly become our family away from family
this is court, jack, and hannah.
the hamiltons (court and tom) are like mr leif and i's substitute big brother and big sister
(until liza moves here, hehe)
and our small group is just one of the MANY reasons why we love oak hills.
leah's chompin on melon with anthony, the other littlle hamilton boy :)
and cutie cute della is in the background with her momma abby
cheers to fun. food. fellowship. and puffed cheetos. YUM
bbqs are the best because everyone brings yummy food that you wouldn't typically have in your pantry
like puffed cheetos.
but now i kinda wanna go buy some.
yummmm they were so good.

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