Wednesday, July 14, 2010

something HE shares with us... and then some other random stuff

...psalm 25:4-5, 20-21

show me your ways o lord
teach me your paths
lead me in your truth and teach me
for you are the god of my salvation
on you i wait all the day

keep my soul and deliver me
let me not be ashamed
for i put my trust in you
let integrity and uprightness preserve me
for i wait for you struggling in the 'wait for you' 'teach me' 'lead me' areas right now
..........all too often, i'm snappin the reigns on my own life
..........just wish it was a clear cut vision when he 'shows us his ways', and 'teaches us his path' working on waiting, allowing him to mold me, and being willing to be led.

life is a challenge, ey?
:) :)

and now for the random stuff part.......
this post is GREAT on color coordination. thought i'd share :)
why am i so tired?
i had all this energy for about 2 weeks. and then BAM its gone and i could literally sleep all day.

the truth..........ready?
  • last night i couldn't sleep........tossed and turned from about 2:14am, (after i went to the bathroom) until 4:30ish.
  • then i finally fell asleep HARD and didn't wake up until 7:30ish.
  • and then i just stayed in bed, read, surfed the web until almost 10:00.
  • next, i had some cereal, had 3 phone conversations, and then mowed the lawn (HOLY HOTNESS ITS OVER 100 today.........wrong day to mow)
  • after hosing myself off outside, i came in and had left over tacos for lunch and talked to my sister on the phone
  • then......i went back to sleep until 2:36.
  • seriously. i don't know whats wrong!!! and now im like a zombie, still SLEEPY.
  • but........i need to get my booty in gear. we are hosting a church bbq tonight and are expecting about 20 people, AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! im staring at the deck thinking......what should i do first????
  • ps. why is this bbq landing on the hottest day of summer? yikes!
  • yawn.

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  1. Have you reached the 3rd trimester yet? Most women say (and I experienced it too) that their 2nd trimester they are full of energy and then bam, the 3rd trimester comes full force with sleepiness!! I was actually just telling James the other day that I was surprised by the energy you had and then I realized that maybe you were still in your 2nd trimester - this is just a thought! If not, then just chalk it up to being pregnant and baby leif needing a little more sleepy time with mommy!!