Thursday, July 1, 2010

because we will be.......

..........hittin the road later today,

and because we are takin a ROADDDDDDDD TRIP!!!!!!!
and because we are meeting my momma, and dad, and little bro, and little sis, in colorado!!!!!!!!!!!
and my big sissy, and her hubby, and jinxy cat :) too!!!!! (wow, havn't pulled out jinxy for a while, ey liza?!?!)
and because i'm done teaching summer school and i have the whole morning open
and because i don't feel like going on a walk or going to jazzercise
because of those things.......i will post again!

so, remember the swimsuit issue?? (that sounds like a dirty magazine i've heard of)
(which, by the way, i only had like 3 or 4 votes on here, most of you texted me or fb messaged me.........come on silly friends, its ok to write a public comment :) hehehehe

well........ i finally got one.
i mean, i bought one 3 days ago.
and then yesterday i found a cuter one at target
so i took the first one back
and bought this one :)
i love it.
the flowers up top are so cute that it really does take away from my thighs :)
(i cut them out of the picture, hehehehe)but here's what its supposed to look like.
i prefer my stomache showing :)
glad thats over with.
the lights in dressing rooms make you look yucky.
especially when your in a suit.


  1. you are hot, and i'm not just saying so - and you're supposed to just say thank you, which i'm holding you accountable to - and i also love your so-called ramblings :) keep 'em coming!

  2. I think the swimsuit looks better on you than the Target model. Rock that baby bump!!! Have a good vacation!!

  3. hellloooooooo hot mama. ;)
    seriously. You are rocking the bod in that suit. I love it!

    hope you're having an absolutely lovely time with your fam on your trip!!